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Three On Thursday

I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve been sitting here looking at a blank wordpress screen for about 30 minutes. I’ve scrolled through some social media stuff. I’ve looked at photos on instagram and my phone. I’ve looked out the window and done some prettttttty major navel gazing and I haven’t come up with anything to blog about today. It doesn’t help that it’s Thursday which means I actually need THREE things to blog about. I did think of a topic – three things I’m looking forward to in the next week – but I don’t really love that sort of topic because I worry about jinxing something good.

Guess what, though? I couldn’t come up with anything else and the clock is ticking and I’ve got other things I need to do. So. Three Things I’m Looking Forward To is the topic, for better or for worse.

  1. Since I already said for better or for worse it seems like thing number one should be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow. We don’t have any specific plans just yet but I know a couple of things about how we like to celebrate which makes me reasonably certain there will be special food, some drinking, and some dancing. It’s how we roll!
  2. We’re going to see The Avett Brothers next week with Hannah. Doreen and Mark will be there, too, but we don’t have seats together. Hannah and I saw them last year and really enjoyed the show but Dale didn’t go. I hope he loves them as much as we do!
  3. Maine! That’s right – one week from today we will be heading up to the coast of Maine for vacation. It’s a great way to kick off the summer and I’m really looking forward to the time away. And the lobsters.

Happy Thursday, friends.

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  1. This all sounds fun, Carole! Congratulations on your anniversary — and have fun celebrating-for-days as you spend the week in Maine. XO

  2. Happy Anniversary! (Ours is today, so I had an easy ToT.) You’ve got lots to look forward to, and I bet there won’t be any jinxes.

  3. I feel like you’ve got at least the anniversary one in the bag. Even if it isn’t perfect, as long as you’re together and happy about that, it’s pretty much a win.
    Our first anniversary almost didn’t make the together part. We spent the day doing grownup things like chores. Then we were going to clean up and drive to a B&B an hour away for the rest of the weekend. While I finished packing and was relaxing on the bed, DH took a shower. I heard the shower start and him get in and then get out all in a minute. He was getting electrical shocks in the shower! We later learned the neighbors’s remodel on the wall between our units hit an electrical wire and well it was not good. But we were together and he took a shower at the B&B since it was the weekend. We mark 20 years in September. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I don’t believe in jinxing things … and looking forward to them makes them even better. ENJOY!!

  5. Those are good things to list. Seems like a great way to celebrate an anniversery!
    I was drawing a blank too this morning, so I cheated a bit and just listed things I did yesterday.

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I am with Mary – no jinxing, but the anticipation makes them all so much better!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    I look forward to hearing your report/seeing your pictures of Maine. Our grandson was just discharged from the Navy on a disability discharge, and selected Maine as the place to buy a house. He should be closing on the house in the next week. That’s a big change for a Louisiana guy!

  8. Happy Anniversary! You may not have ‘special’ plans, but at least you know it’s coming up. We completely forgot our 25th! It was last June and we didn’t even think about it until we were sitting around the Thanksgiving table in November talking about family, people we know & weddings…. And suddenly we realized we’d forgotten our 25th anniversary! Yikes!
    Have fun on your trip. I’ve always wanted to visit Maine.

  9. No jinxing will happen! You have a great list of wonderful things coming up. Happy Anniversary to you! Dale will love the Avett Brothers! You know he will.

  10. Three great things! Happy Anniversary Carole and Dale! (We saw the Avett Bros with Dan a few years ago – have a blast!)

  11. Knock on wood, no jinxing. Happy Anniversary. and Maine – that will be a nice trip. We hope to get back there eventually. Safe travels.

  12. That’s three wonderful things! I only wish you had so much power that just speaking about them would jinx them. If that were the case, I have lots of thoughts I want you to have – LOL! I hope you have a lovely anniversary, and your plans sound wonderful.

  13. Those 3 things sound pretty awesome. I know you’ll be sharing some lovely photos of Maine as well.

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