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A Month of Photos And A Video, Too, June 2019

Before we get any further into July, and before I share details and photos of our Maine vacation, I want to take a look back at June. I’ve got the usual photo mosaic and video for you to peruse.

Is it any wonder that June is my favorite? Vacation and flowers growing, boats and the ocean, plenty of lobster, some gorgeous scenery, tons of family and friends and plenty of Jackie, it’s just the best month!

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  1. Flowers (psychedelic and otherwise), food, plenty of people, and of course the cutest one – Jackie! June was pretty darn good!

  2. June seems to be the most colorful month! Here’s to seeing if July is as colorful.

  3. I’m going to give June an “F”.

    Fantastic Fun

  4. I agree with Robby! also Fires in fireplaces … I could ALMOST feel a little chill in the air seeing them!

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