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A Month of Photos (and a video): May 2019

Let’s take a look back at the merry month of May. First, the photo-a-day mosaic.

The month started with flowers and they just got more profuse as the days went on. Plus plenty of all of my favorite things and people.

And the video:

I do love the way those 1.5 seconds every day really capture the month.

And now we’re on to June, my favorite month of the year!

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  1. so many pretty flowers in your mosaic … and of course I love the transition from inside to outside (but since it was May, probably not nearly as much as you did!) and yes! the video adds such a great dimension to the story that that photos tell. (also, congrats on the mammo results – love the way you captured that!)

  2. What fun – so many colors and smiling faces. Jackie is maturing daily I think! And hummingbirds!!!

  3. The colors! The food! Jackie! All sooo great. I just filled my hummingbird feeder this weekend…hopefully we’ll have some action soon.

  4. There is so much great color in the photos, but I actually liked the video better — it really made the month come alive!

  5. Such cute photos of Jack. I don’t know if I told you at the time, but I LOVE your lily of the valley vase. I would like to find something like that to put a bouquet in next year. My neighbor has a large patch and they’re so wonderful!

  6. I always have to watch this several times to catch it all. Looks like a fun filled month, and a very busy one!

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