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Macro Monday

Welcome to Macro Monday, a weekly post where I will share a photo I took with a macro lens.

Today’s post was not without it’s challenges. First, I tried to attach my macro lens to the big camera. And then realized that my macro lens doesn’t fit the Canon EOS 6D but rather fits my older camera, the Canon EOS 7D. Despite the higher number, the 6D is actually the better camera (it’s a full frame) but the 7D is just fine. Of course the battery was completely drained so I had to charge it, not a big deal, and then yesterday I took some photos. The next challenge came when I tried to upload the photos to my computer to process. The 7D uses a different memory card than the 6D and I don’t have a card reader for that type anymore, having recently replaced the previous one I had that fit multiple sized cards. I had to think way way back to remember how I used to do this and ended up directly connecting the camera to my laptop to transfer the photos.

This will get easier, right?

In the end, I wound up with 8 photos of the center of this gazania. Most weren’t as sharp as I’d like and this one only barely passes muster for me but it’s what I have and it gives me a good place to start from, knowing that practice will improve my rusty macro skills.

Happy Monday, go have a great day!

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  1. It was for Monday? Of course there were hitches because Mondays are trouble makers. I have a question that comes from photography ignorance. Can you help me/we understand exactly what “macro” is? I know they always seem to be closeups, but my knowledge tops out there.

  2. It’s lovely, Carole. And . . . oh, how our phones have changed our photography habits! I’m looking forward to watching Macro Mondays unfold. (I may even have to drag my “real” camera out and take it for a spin.) 🙂

  3. I too had plenty of struggles! But, I think your photo is really lovely – and inspiring! And, flowers are just magical and your gazania is especially so!

  4. You’re off to a great start! I’m sad to think about my Canon sitting in the corner collecting dust! Maybe the upcoming lily bloom in our garden will inspire me to take it out!

  5. You certainly worked against the odds to get your first macro for Macro Monday and it payed off. It will be fun to watch this new blog feature! I agree with Bonny, this one is psychedelic!!

  6. …finally playing catchup with my Feedly reader … really enjoyed reading about the end of your May – glad you’re playing Bingo, thank you for the beautiful Memorial Day post, love the Brené Brown inspiration – I’m saving her Netflix show for the next time Marc’s gone for dinner, and all the glimpses of early summer in your part of the country – and so excited to see the macros! I told Marc it makes no sense for me to pull out my “big camera” anymore because it seems like my phone takes better photos. sad, but true. So I’ll be watching and paying close attention and I’m sure, learning a few things. Yay for JUNE!

  7. Will this get easier? Probably not. Technology and its built in obsolescence is enough to drive me mad, but perhaps you are more laid back than I am about this stuff. You, however, have met the challenge. Great picture.

  8. Hm. Well. I completely FORGOT about Macro Monday! I can relate to every single one of the issues you encountered!! I’ll have to do a catch-up post… as soon as I find my camera/lens combo and card reader! Haha.

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