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Sometimes Monday

Is for thinking about what could have been.

Today is my brother Donald’s birthday and he would be 60 if he hadn’t been killed in a motorcycle accident 36 years ago.

I’m thinking about birthdays when we were kids and our mom would buy a big beautiful bakery cake and play the special birthday record album we had.

I’m thinking about how sweet he was to me when I was a little girl and the song he made up to sing to me whenever he brought me a glass of water.

I’m thinking about how much I missed him when he decided to go live with our father when he was 12 and I was 6.

I’m thinking about all the birthdays he didn’t get and what it would be like to have a 60 year old brother.

I’m thinking about how much I’d like to wish him a happy birthday today.

So I’ll just do it.

Happy Birthday, Donald, from your little sister. I miss you every day.


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  1. For good or ill, the people we love never truly leave us. I’m glad you have such wonderful memories of your , brother, Carole, and I’m sorry you lost him so young. He would be proud of you!

  2. Becky said it beautifully and I don’t think I can improve upon that, so I will echo her sentiments. I’m sorry for all the birthdays he didn’t get but glad for the memories that keep him in your heart.

  3. So sorry to hear you lost your brother. It’s so sad when people die young.
    But I love how you make him live on (even for us readers) by remembering him like this on his birthday.

  4. Becky (and Bonny) did say it beautifully. I am so glad you shared your memories and yes, Happy Birthday, Donald!

  5. Happy Birthday Donald! My brother would have been 50 this Friday. I hope they are having a wonderful celebration <3 May you have a day filled with those good memories of him.

  6. I’m sorry you missed out on so much time with your brother. I’m so glad you had a relationship with him that makes you miss him.

  7. Beautiful bittersweet post. I feel sure Donald received your happy birthday message. Love never dies.

  8. I so wish our friendship went back far enough for me to have met Donald. I truly think that our loved ones are always with us in some form – perhaps he’s the songbird that wakes you up on the first day of spring, or the butterfly that floats by just to remind you that he’s there. Happy Birthday, Donald!

  9. I’m so sorry…but sorry isn’t the right word, perhaps sad for you would be better. I know how much you miss your family everyday and I’m so happy you have been blessed with another wonderful family to love even if it is not quite the same. Love you!

  10. My sister and I aren’t that close. There’s 10 years between us and we’ve never been in the same stage of life but I can not imagine her being gone from this world. Hugs to you on this bittersweet day.

  11. Thanks for sharing, I’m wishing him a happy birthday too. I had a cousin with the exact same birthday as mine who was killed when he was 18. Birthdays are always hard.

  12. There is so much love, friendship, and tenderness on this page for you today. When there is only two of you to begin with it must be hard to be the only one. Sending love and peace to you, dear friend.

  13. I’m sorry for your loss and your sadness and all the birthdays he didn’t get to celebrate. But I truly believe that in your memories of him and the love you still have for him, he lives on.

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