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Three On Thursday, The Birthday Edition

My girlie is 28 years old today. Even as I’m typing that I’m finding it hard to believe. Honestly, a few weeks ago I thought she was turning 27 and then Jess pointed out that nope, she was already 27. I lost a year somewhere, friends.

Indulge me, please, as I share 3 photos I took in the last couple of weeks of her 27th year.

On vacation, floating in Jackie’s tube. We were all pretty envious that she could get into that thing, I’ll tell you. What I want you to know about this photo: she’s fun and active and still a kid at heart. She’s also a terrific auntie and Jackie adores her.

Wedding dress shopping last Thursday. Due to COVID there were restrictions on how many people she could bring with her so it was just Hannah, Doreen (her godmother) and I. What I want you to know about this photo: she’s beautiful and in love and oh-so-grown-up. She is very ready for this next step in her life.

The end result of wedding dress shopping . . . she found a dress. Well. Sort of. Her dress will actually be a custom design that will combine the neckline of one dress with the skirt and fabric of another. 4,000 dresses and she narrowed it down to two . . . I guess that’s not bad. What I want you to know about this photo: she is beyond excited about her wedding and she quite literally glows with happiness.

Happy Birthday, Hannah. I’m amazed and astounded at the young woman you have become. You make me proud and happy every day and I love the time we spend together.

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  1. Mindfully enjoy this time with her, Carole. It disappears in a flash, and then you are both really separate adults. I remember this very special time with my mother with great fondness. Hannah is a lovely young woman.

  2. Happy Birthday to Hannah! She’s all the things you pointed out and more. You’ve raised an incredible woman who is kind and compassionate. Good job, momma!

  3. Wishing Hannah a very Happy Birthday, and wishing you a very Happy Hannah’s Birthday, Carole! I’ll be the mother of a 30-year-old in a month, and am also amazed at how time flies. Enjoy every moment!

  4. She’s not just happy, she’s glowing! Happy birthday to her, and thank you for sharing her happiness as a way to uplift us all — we can all use all the good news we can get!

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