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Three On Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends . . . it’s almost the weekend! And I’m feeling random today.

  1. I want to let you know that Dale is doing really well. We just passed the 3 month mark since he was hit by a car and his mobility has improved greatly in the last couple of weeks. He’s getting around in the house without crutches almost all of the time and he’s only using 1 when he’s outside. The swelling in his leg and foot continues to be a challenge but all the experts say that’s to be expected and just keep icing and elevating. The best part is that as his mobility has improved he has started to feel much more like himself and that’s a wonderful thing to witness.
  2. For quite some time now Feedly hasn’t displayed my photos in their feeds. I’ve tried installing a few different plug ins on WordPress to address this but nothing has worked so far. If anyone else has fixed this issue with their blog I’d love to hear how to do it!
  3. It’s been a hot summer here in southeastern MA. We’ve had an official heat wave this week and even though summer is my favorite, this is just not that pleasant. It’s extreme and, while I don’t despise it as much as I despise extreme cold in the winter, it’s still not my preference. It looks like cooler air is headed our way and I will welcome it.

That’s what I have for you today. Hope all is well in your little corner of the world.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear Dale is feeling more like himself… We all know that when Our Person isn’t theirself, WE can’t be OURselves. And it just feels better all the way around to be feeling better together.

  2. I’m very glad to hear that Dale is progressing. I don’t know if it’s due to pandemic time, accident time, or some combination, but it doesn’t seem like his accident was 3 months ago. Feeling better and getting around better is wonderful, as is feeling more like himself. Sorry I’m no help with feedly; my feedly has never displayed pictures, just text. We’re on our 5th heat wave of this summer and I am more than ready for cooler weather!

  3. I’m so glad to hear of Dale’s progress. I’m sure the biggest challenge has to be fighting his own tendencies to be busy and useful, and I’m sure he hates having to elevate and ice because it means sitting still, but progress is progress!

    The only thing I really enjoy about the summer is the longer days. I can do without the heat and I am ready for fall!

  4. Feeling like oneself again is such a good thing. Maybe Dale could wear an elastic stocking to prevent swelling; I’ve seen ones that zip up. The pull-on ones are a laughable struggle.

  5. Good news about Dale. I don’t use Feedly although I just checked it out. I use Bloglovin and your photo show up there. My question is about linky. I noticed that on some blogs, the links show up in the blog content but on others you don’t see who has links up. Do you know what causes that?

  6. I’m so heartened to hear about Dale’s progress! That’s wonderful news!!! 🙂
    Every time we have a hot-and-muggy day, I try to soak it up . . . even thought it’s uncomfortable . . . because I know this winter is likely to be particularly brutal, and I want to be able to remember the pleasant (and even overly hot) days of summer then. To get me through.

  7. Hurrah that Dale continues to improve by leaps and bounds (and soon actual leaps!!) I do not know the answer to Feedly, I see images when I use it in Firefox, but not in Chrome… so maybe a browser issue?

  8. I’m so glad Dale is doing well with his recovery. I’m sure having more mobility will help both of your mental states! As for the heat, UGH! Our 95+ days finally broke yesterday but the humidity is still here. Currently, it’s 83 degrees but feels like 97. Ick!

  9. Thank you for keeping us updated on Dale’s progress. I have thought about him often this summer and wondered how his mobility was. Good to read that he’s making progress! One of the members of our running club got hit by a car earlier this summer (she was riding a bike), and she has a video of the whole thing! I think she was wearing a GoPro. She came out to run/walk for the first time since her accident on Tuesday.

  10. So nice to hear Dale is improving and will be able to enjoy the rest of summer, albeit, not completely steady on his feet. It’s hot, hot here, too. But, I stay in when it’s unbearable and wait for the hours or the days that are pleasant. They seem to mix in with the unbearable! Here’s to a long autumn!

  11. Glad Dale continues to improve!

    I can see your photos in the Feedly app on my iPad
    There are other blogs in my feed where the photos don’t show, or only show one, or show each photo twice….but the blog itself is set up just fine.

    I’ve switched to Feedly Classic now that the latest update to Feedly doesn’t disables the left nav panel and prevents reading individual blogs, instead it shoves all the blog posts in a folder together by date. (who thought that was a good idea?!?)

    Can anyone recommend a new RSS reader?

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