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Three On Thursday

I’m pressed for time this week (holiday weeks are like that) and so today I’ve got 3 memes that I hope will make you smile.

Christmas is coming, my friends. Prepare yourselves now.

I see both but I’m not saying which one I think it is.

I read this book to Hannah every night for years.
I seem to recall the words differently, though.

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  1. I saw a goat, then a bird (but I think it’s a bird). But Goodnight Moon! Oy, I had that book memorized at one point not so long ago, which meant I could “read” it to my kid with the lights off when I really needed her to go to sleep so I could. Now I just wish I could say goodnight to the sense of impending doom (fingers crossed that we can do so in about two months!).

  2. Kayleigh and I had good laugh on that first one (I wonder if that would work in this house??), we all certainly enjoyed guessing on the 2nd one last week and I feel that 3rd one in my soul!!!

    Thanks Carole! I hope you and Dale have a great day!

  3. I saw a bird right away . . . had to look a minute for the goat. 😉
    Love Goodnight Moon (Tom used to make up his own words when he read it. . . ), but the Elf on the Shelf one made me laugh the most! XO

  4. I had THREE Zoom calls today … back to back to back. Sitting at my computer (still), in the quiet of my study, with a cold vodka tonic and reading blogs … finally … catching up. Already downloaded Brewster Place (I remember the miniseries but never read the book) and look forward to joining in with y’all (and gosh, isn’t that Zora canon an awesome list?!) I clicked the Liz Lamoreux link … her name is so familiar, and AND!!! but I’m not sure I have run across her before. Can’t wait to hear more about the workshop, and the new things you have in the works. Also, is September really almost half over? yikes!!

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