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Three On Thursday

My daughters occasionally suggest that we have Craft Night at Mom’s. We’ve never been super successful at this, we tend to eat too late and drink too much wine and sort of never get to the craft. Tuesday night, though, we were determined to start and finish a project.

And so, I got 3 pumpkins from the craft store and we each decorated one. Not surprisingly, since it’s Thursday and all that, I’ve got 3 photos to show you from our evening.

First, the one that shows our success:

Mine is on the left, Jessica’s is in the middle, and Hannah’s is on the right. We searched for designs that were available in my Cricut software and then I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to print out the words/designs on vinyl and then we transferred them to the pumpkins. It’s a little bit fussy but it’s not difficult and we were all pretty pleased with the way they came out.

We did this upstairs in my newly refinished Craft Room (I know, I owe you photos) and it was such a great space for this. There was room for all 3 of us plus wine. We left Dale in charge of Jackie downstairs and the little guy wasn’t super pleased to be missing out on all the fun so once the pumpkins were finished we let him come up and see what we had been doing.

I think those pumpkins we made were pretty darn cute but I’ve got to say that Jackie, in his pumpkin pajamas, makes for the cutest pumpkin of all.

And that’s my 3 on Thursday post for this week. Three photos. Three pumpkins. And a whole lot of fun.

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  1. Now that sounds like GREAT FUN! I love your finished pumpkins . . . and I especially love little Jackie in his adorable pumpkin jammies. XO (And I can’t wait to hear more about your newly updated craft space. The color on the walls looks FAB.)

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Crafting with others is always good, but with your daughters, it must be extra special. The pumpkins came out great! And Jackie… He’s the cutest. If there’s something like itching grandma-whatevers, he really does that to me. If only my girls would hurry up a bit 😉

  3. I sure hope Cricut has you on the payroll … you are doing so many fun things with it! Can’t wait to see your craft room – it sounds amazing … and can I sure hope you took at least one more photo of Jackie in his pumpkin pj’s to share for Eye Candy tomorrow!!

  4. Craft night is a great idea, and you carried it out so well! I look forward to seeing more of the craft room and especially like that it’s got space for all of you plus wine. If Jackie is this cute at Halloween time, there may be cuteness overload at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  5. I love the color of your walls! The room, as little as we can see, looks super! The point was to make a usable space and you did that. Love the pumpkin craft night! How fun to share this talent with your daughters.

  6. Oh my goodness, those pumpkin PJs!! Jackie’s just the cutest li’l punkin!!

    What a nice way to spend some time with your girls. 😉

  7. FUN! That looks like such a great way to spend time with your daughters. Yes, you owe us pics of your craft room, whenever you have the time, ha ha. Your pumpkins did turn out well, and well, Jackie, what to say that hasn’t already been said?

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