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Three On Thursday

The other night (err, morning) when I was lying in bed awake I was thinking of beauty products I loved as a teenager. (Don’t even try to figure out why I started thinking of this, I have no explanation for you.) I remembered, not surprisingly, three in particular.

This shampoo:

Just as it claimed, it smelled great! I actually went back and forth between this one and Lemon Up (remember how the cap was a lemon?) and Earth Born Strawberry Essence. My hair was long and straight (it was the 1970s) and I smelled fruity.

This deodorant:

I lobbied hard to get my mother to buy this for me. I remember that I was in 7th grade and I was convinced I must have BO (I’m pretty sure I didn’t) and I wanted this in blue because it (get this) matched my bedroom. Yep, I had a blue dotted swiss bedspread. So I finally got the okay to get this and I bought the blue and then . . . the joke was on me because the colors were actually representative of the scent and the blue was . . . unscented. Damn. After about a week I tried to convince my mom that I had used it all up, I even went so far as to wipe a lot of it on tissues (I think I went through a whole box of kleenex) but my mom was wise to my tricks and it was a long time before I got to buy deodorant again.

This perfume:

I literally remember when this ad was in Seventeen magazine and I chose the dress I wore to my junior prom based on this photo. Yep. White eyelet and off the shoulder with a blue ribbon running through it. Talk about sentimental memories! Was there a teen girl alive who didn’t wear this in the 1970s? The marketing was spot on and I had not only the perfume but also the powder and the lotion. I took layering scent very seriously, apparently.

This was actually a really fun post to write and it brought back not just memories of the products I used but also memories of my mom using Jean Nate after her bath and also Enjoli – the perfume for women who could bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan! Hello women’s liberation marketing. I hope this sparked some fun memories for you, too!

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  1. The perfume and the shampoo really took me back, I was definitely a Lemon UP girl. I have to admit I have not heard of that deodorant and am having trouble even remembering the deodorant I used as a teen!

  2. Ha-yes! A while back I did a search for Love’s Baby Soft hoping it was still around, but alas no. I found Dorito’s at the grocery store yesterday in the old school bag. Yes, I bought them, and yes they are in the trunk of my car so I’m the only one that gets to eat them. I really wish they’d bring back the taco flavor-that was my favorite!

    1. Love’s Baby Soft is still around. I bought a bottle at CVS (joke gift) a couple years ago.

  3. I’m super scent sensitive and as a kid I just thought things were stinky. I remember Love’s Baby Soft and being given some at some point. It was a pretty overwhelming scent to me. I do remember the tidal wave of “musk” people wore and sandalwood. I’m still an unscented gal, lucky for me, so’s my hubby. Fun memories tho.

    1. Pachuoli was the one I could not stand the smell of (even today). Don’t know why. Many people love it, but it makes me want to gag. lol

  4. Ah, Seventeen Magazine. So many suggestions for straightening my hair, none of which worked!

  5. Oh, this is VERY fun, Carole. I remember all of those products SO very well. (And thanks for reminding me about the lemon on the Lemon Up bottle!!!) We all smelled so terrific and fresh when we were teenagers! (And our lips just dripped from a fresh coat of Bubble Gum Kissing Potion lip gloss, generously applied. . . ) XO

  6. I am laughing… this is such a blast! (and remember Herbal Essence Shampoo? That was the one I loved!)

    Great post!

  7. This is one of the most fun posts I’ve read in a while. (What a fun break!) I had a boyfriend who always said, ‘Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.’ I was quite a bit younger than him, so it took me ages to figure out why he always giggled after he said it! (Pre-Google era, so, it REALLY took me a while…) These ALL bring back memories. Especially the Love’s & Jean Nate. Thanks, Carole! 🙂

  8. Like Kat, I was a devoted Herbal Essence user. I tried it a few years ago and it just doesn’t smell the same. Do you remember Sweet Earth solid perfumes that came in a compact? There were three of them in each collection and I just loved hyacinth, honeysuckle, and ylang ylang. My sister stole mine and used it up. 🙁

    1. I don’t remember the name (Sweet Earth) but I remember hyacinth perfume and I think honeysuckle. Pretty potent if I remember correctly.

  9. Well I guess my age is showing (in the opposite way it normally does) because the only one of these I’ve actually heard of is Love’s Baby Soft!

  10. I’m with Kat and Bonny – used Herbal Essence and I agree with Bonny that it is not just the same these days. Some of those scents were just too powdery for me. But I do remember using L’Air du Temps and also Chanel #5

  11. OMG! What a fun post! This took me straight back to the preteen/teen years. I used all three of those. Can’t remember what color my Tickle was though. I also went through a Short and Sassy shampoo stage and always wanted the one for long hair but alas… And like Mary, I used Charlie. Charlie perfume, shampoo and lotion.

  12. The only one I really remember from late 60’s is Prell, because they advertised an ‘unbreakable’ bottle(plastic). When we got home from the store and were putting things I way, I (for some reason) took the bottle and stating it was ‘unbreakable’ bopped by brother over the head with it and ‘gasp’ it cracked and shampoo poured down his head and everywhere. lol

  13. This really took me back! You probably already know this, but the Vermont Country Store actually still sells Lemon Up! Not that I’m buying; I think it would be a little drying for my hair these days. But oh how I loved the scent. They have a ton of old school products.

  14. Oh my goodness… I don’t even know where to begin, but lemons & hair hit a trigger. Sun-in — do you remember that? There was a girl in the neighborhood with VERY DARK hair and she’d use that stuff… yikes! I’m not sure she was getting the desired result. I remember my mother using regular old lemon juice when she rinsed our hair — not in the ’70s, because my mother was NOT washing my hair then, but I would use it sometimes, too. Or crack an egg, or use mayonnaise, or even beer… not all at the same time. Sheesh.

  15. Sweet memories! I used Tickle back then. I also remember Leggs (new fangled panty hose in a plastic egg) and Tiger Beat magazine. Bought my issue of Seventeen magazine every month and some 45s (records).

  16. I remember all those products but I’m not sure if I ever used any of them. I would probably have picked a Tickle by color also. I have to read packages now as I don’t like a lot of scented stuff and usually first pick up a pretty package then notice it’s scented. Fun trip down memory lane.

  17. Memories are like this aren’t they? Me, I loved the original Herbal Essence shampoo along with “Rain” perfume and “Windsong”. ?

  18. Memories are like this aren’t they? Me, I loved the original Herbal Essence shampoo along with “Rain” perfume and “Windsong”. ?

  19. Herbal Essence shampoo. And Love’s Fresh Lemon! Mine came in a little lemon slice shaped case, with cologne, and lotion, maybe?

    Funny, my husband and I were singing old ad jingles to each other last night at dinner. And now I have a bunch more running through my head after reading the comments here!

  20. Remember Gunne Sax dresses? That was my prom dress. I used Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo (which I called “Herbal Nonsense”) or Long & Silky Shampoo.

    Ah, memories!

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