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Three On Thursday

Do you ever have those nagging things that you should do but you just don’t make the time? I’m talking about simple things that might take a moment longer than you’d like but in the end will actually save you time and/or money? Yeah. Me too. And today I’m thinking about 3 of them in particular.

  1. Fixing the receipt printer at work. Right now it doesn’t advance the paper as much as it should when printing a receipt and that means we have to hit the button to advance it by hand. Normally this isn’t a big deal but these days we need those receipts to be long enough to go into the books and not fall out. Have we made the time to figure out how to program the printer to automatically make the receipts longer? Nope. Because it’s a pain in the ass. But would it save us time if we just spent the time making it right? You bet it would.
  2. Installing my new Quip toothbrush head and battery. Are you familiar with Quip? It’s a great electric toothbrush and a great price and they automatically send you a new head and battery every 3 months. My latest refill came about 3 weeks ago. It literally takes less than 2 minutes to take out the old brush head, clean it up, install a new battery, and attach the new brush head. Have I done it? Nope.
  3. Cleaning my make up brushes. I have an awesome cleaner that I buy from Senegence, it even works to remove built up foundation on my foundation brush. And it takes minutes to clean my brushes and I know I should do this once/week. My make up goes on easier and looks better when I just take a few moments to clean the brushes. But do I? Nope.

Hopefully writing this post will inspire me to get these things (and others that I’m sure I’m ignoring) done!

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  1. Thanks for the tip about Quip (poetry, no?). I have an electric toothbrush that is on its last legs, so maybe it’s time for a change. You can consider that your good deed for today! And good luck with your printer/battery/cleaning. I myself have a sweater that just needs the ends woven in (for a couple of months), so…

  2. My current offense is reorganizing the fridge. It’s fuller than usual since I used to shop for fresh things every 2-3 days but am avoiding extra grocery time these days. It goes along great for several weeks and then overnight it’s like a fussy two year old started flinging things in and I waste time looking for things. Ten minute job that would make meal prep easier for sure.

  3. I know this feeling so well! And yet I can’t explain it. Why do we put off little things that don’t take much time when we could just be done with them? What seems to work for me is telling myself I can do something I really want to do — but only after I do the thing I’ve been putting off.

  4. I am SO guilty of putting off cleaning the makeup brushes. I’m sure there are 1,000 other things in my life that are the same but I don’t think/remember them until the very moment they are irritating me. Then I tell myself I really need to fix it and Poof! The thought is gone until the next time the thing is irritating me. Argh!

  5. Make up? What’s that????? 😉
    Yeah. I have a long list of nagging little things JUST like that . . .
    (I don’t have a Quip, but I adore my electric toothbrush. I set up a reminder on my phone to replace my toothbrush heads. It’s amazing how many times I can hit the “remind me later” button before I actually take the two minutes to do it. . . )

  6. Guilty! (maybe not of the printer thing… but I can add in eleventy million other little things there!)

  7. Oh, procrastination, I am guilty. But why is it so difficult to do simple things that only take a minute or two? I understand why I put off big projects, but what’s my excuse for these little things? IDK, but you are right, it would make my life much simpler if I just did them. So, inspired by your post, today I will be mindful and just do it! Thanks, Carole

  8. I tend to put off these type of things because I know that they almost always turn into bigger deals. You know, if you give a mouse a cookie type scenarios. Right now I’m avoiding cleaning my coffee maker but pretty soon it will brew so slowly that I’ll be forced to do it.

  9. Oh yes, guilty of so many procrastinations! Maybe this post (and everyones comments) will inspire me to do SOMETHING this long weekend (or….maybe not…).

  10. I started back my Three Things this month … it’s AWESOME for tackling the nagging little things … well, at least for putting them on a list 🙂

  11. Now that I have all sorts of time you’d think I would have no excuse for procrastination. I spend all sorts of time THINKING about doing something but never DOING it. What is it about us? LOL

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