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Looking Back: June 2020

Time to take a look back at the month of June, friends.

What did I learn? 
I learned to make stuffed quahogs! You can see them on the far left column, sixth row down. A friend of Dale’s brought me the quahogs and I cooked them and then made a stuffing with linguica and chourice and we had them on Father’s Day. They were delicious and I’d make them again in a heartbeat!

What was my greatest accomplishment? 
Getting the garden planted. It doesn’t sound like much but I felt overwhelmed every time I thought about it. Now I’m glad to say that it’s done, even if it was late.

Where did I go? 
I went to the nursery for plants more than once. And we visited Plymouth a couple of times. Otherwise it was just work and the grocery store.

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? 
I think the answer to this is readily apparent from looking at the photo mosaic. Dale. There are way more pictures of him than in a typical month, that’s for sure. Maybe it was just my way of documenting the progress he made. And also Jackie. And my daughters. I’m grateful for the time with all of them. As for what we did . . . we hung out at our house.

What brought me joy? 
All those flowers! The containers on the deck and the CSA flower share I treated myself to for the summer plus a bouquet of zinnias from my sister-in-law and window boxes. Flowers always bring me joy.

What do I want to remember? 
I’m glad to say that I want to remember all of it. The progress Dale made from using a walker to crutches. Our anniversary. Dale’s birthday. Jackie’s laugh. Sunny days and beautiful evenings on the deck. Resuming family dinners. The water in Plymouth harbor. All the delicious food and drinks and the tiny moments that made each day something to be grateful for.

Let’s see what July has in store!

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  1. For a strange, sometimes hard time, that’s a lot of really good memories represented there. Here’s to more in July!

  2. You were quite successful being optimistic and practicing gratitude during a difficult month, Carole. Way to go! I hope this month brings much more joy.

  3. You know what strikes me most looking at the photos and the video? All the smiles. Your sphere of activity may have been small, but it was filled to the brim with happiness. I am glad to see how well Dale is doing with his recovery and that you’re both enjoying lots of time with Jackie.

  4. It is great to see so many pictures of Dale (and Jackie, of course)! And those quahogs … I had to look up how to pronounce them, but I’m sure they were delicious!

  5. Oh I would love a stuffed quahog! We had them all the time at Maple Park and they were made just the same way. I’m guessing July is going to bring you even more joy!

  6. Carole, thank you for another wonderful post! I look forward to and read them all, for your eloquence and positivity, for the joy-of-living your words convey, for the reminders that life is inherently good. God bless you mightily – and thank God for all the goodness and light you share with us all. And God bless your darling Dale. May he continue to heal and thrive.

  7. Oh Carole, what a great post! I’ve got happy-tears reading your words. Here’s to more of all that good stuff! (and I hope you get more quahogs … sounds totally yummy!)

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