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Wednesdays Are For (Sock) Knitting

The pink sock continues. I actually had to rip it out and start over last week, I was using the wrong size needle. In my defense, it was in the wrong package. I knew it felt small and the stitches seemed tight but I kept going, finishing the ribbing and even knitting a couple of inches of the leg. Sheesh. WHY do we do that? We ignore the little voice in our head and knit on.


I’m on track now with the correct sized needle (1.5 if you’re wondering) and I’ve been picking these up for plenty of television watching. Sock knitting keeps me calm.

I hope these socks are up for the task today.

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  1. That yarn is gorgeous and now I want to knit pink socks, too! I very much hope that it is a happy Inauguration Day today.

  2. Ugh… I think we all have ignored that voice. (Me more than others, I think! lol) However, I do love those pink socks! Happy Inauguration Day!!

  3. No anxiety today, Carole! Although in the near future, I am afraid we may be a bit anxious again. This is a day for celebration and exultation. We did it, the American people did it! I have already been doing happy dances this morning. I hope you are able to take a deep breath and enjoy the day. I love the pink socks, and pink is known for calming people, so that’s a great choice. That little voice is not always the better angel of my nature, (especially the last four years), so I tend to ignore it a lot. Happy, happy day!

  4. Coincidentally, I am casting on for socks today. And I’ll be using your picot edge instructions from your sock pattern (copyright 2009) -has it really been that long? Sue

  5. That yarn is so lovely, and I came across your picot edge instructions when I was downloading all the patterns in my Ravelry library- 2009-wow!

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