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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Dissent Cowl

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died back in September I, like many of you I suspect, was gutted. The work she did for women’s right and gender equality was exceptional and she was a true inspiration for me. When I saw the Dissent Cowl pattern start popping up on Instagram I knew I had to knit one.

I knit mine using Rowan Felted Tweed in Bilberry and Clay. It’s a lovely pattern to knit, the mosaic knitting is simple enough and the design truly mimics RBG’s famous dissent collar.

In hindsight I wish I had reversed the colors and used the purple for the jewels, I could have imagined them to be amethysts!

I like that there is a defined front and back, the jewels are in the front and flare out just like a jeweled collar should, and the back is a simple polka dot design.

I have a feeling, alas, that this is one of those knits I won’t wear much as it’s super loose around the neck. I wouldn’t want it to be tight like a turtleneck but I would like it to be less . . . drape-y. Still, it was a delight to knit and it’s a wonderful tribute to RBG and her legacy.

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  1. Oh, I like how this turned out! The colors are beautiful (as are you!!) Mosaic knitting… I would have never known if you had not said it was. It is just gorgeous!

  2. I somehow missed this cowl, but I have seen the sweaters and collars. I like this very much, and it looks great on you, Carole. I hope you wear it more than you think you will. Maybe it needs a wee bit of felting to tighten up? I was gutted when RBG died. She did such great work for women’s rights, and I was hoping we would hold onto her until someone else came along with her passion, but then again, we were so lucky to have her!

  3. That is a great finish Carole and it does look so good on you. I, too, hope you end up wearing it more than you expect!

  4. It’s beautiful! I bought the pattern back when everyone was, but I still haven’t knitted it! I need to find the right yarns in my stash (I’m planning to make one for me and one for my daughter).

  5. Very cool, Carole! I love how it turned out (although I totally get you on the “loose” neck part), and it’s just a wonderful tribute to RGB. XO

  6. Oh, I missed this one and so happy you brought it to our attention. I can think of a few women I’d like to make it for too.

  7. Beautiful! I like your colors. I knit a Dissent Cowl, too, and made it narrower than the pattern called for. It was still pretty open at the neck. It worked best with the top portion folded down to the inside, so just the jeweled part showed; the doubling of the top made that part thicker so it took up more space by the neck.

    I gave mine away to a friend, my deep red/gray combination was better on her than it was on me!

  8. What a beautiful cowl! I have been wanting to knit one for myself. Wool is causing me itching these days, so need to figure out another fiber that will still have a good result.
    Agree with your self love list too. I have similar blocks about the “e” word. Have enjoyed Yoga with Adrienne and hope to continue. Good luck to you with your movement goals!

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