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Three On Thursday

This week has left me in need of a laugh. And just in case you need a laugh, too, I’ve got 3 for you. I’m going high brow this time, too, as they are all from The New Yorker.

Because we all know that time frame for a ripe avocado is about 30 seconds.
This is most certainly Dale’s approach to any sort of cleaning and organizing project.
Because . . . sweater weather!

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  1. The paper piles! 🙂 Rectangularization is the first form of organization! Love these Carole.

    1. OMG! I love that you have a term for my style of organization. ‘Rectangularization’
      Thank you thank you..I think I’ll chuckle all day.

  2. This was a great choice for a post in a bad week, Carole. You would think that the paper problem would be better with digitalization, but NO, it just continues. One of these days, I am just going to throw it all out without looking at it and quit moving it around – LOL. I hope the end of your week shows great improvement.

  3. Oh wow, I can relate to ALL OF THAT! Especially #3… right now! Thanks for the laughs.

    P.S. I learned from Rachael Herron that you can extend that 30 seconds for quite a while if you put a ripe avocado in the fridge!

  4. humor connects us!!! I loved all three comics. I often cut open an avocado with trepidation… ripe? too ripe? rotten? the vegetable/fruit that always surprises. Like a lottery. Once we checked out moving to CA from Maryland, looked at houses that were still above our price range and so tiny but one had an avocado tree in the back yard with fruit all over the ground!!! It felt like golden eggs to me, who paid a lot per piece back in Maryland!
    Leeanna at the blog: not afraid of color
    ps I looked to see if I could join your party but have more than 3 likes this week…

  5. that third one! Lauren and I used to laugh about that every March and October … so true! our theory is that our blood got a little thicker in the cold months 🙂

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