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Three On Thursday

I’ve got 3 random things for you this week . . .

  1. First up, let’s talk about television and what we’re watching these days. Ted Lasso is fantastic, the story line, the writing, the casting, it’s just about the best thing I’ve ever watched. We are rationing episodes to make it last so if you’ve finished don’t give anything away. And if you haven’t watched, you really should. Also on Apple TV+ is The Morning Show. Smart and witty and oh-so-relevant, we look forward to each new episode. Finally, I started watching MAID on Netflix the other night. It’s difficult and sad and important as it shines a light on how poverty really impacts women and children specifically.
  2. I told Kym the other day, I feel like I’m in a reading slump. At the time I had 3 or 4 books on my kindle and none of them were appealing to me. She asked a question that was very relevant: what types of books as a palate cleanser for me? And I realized, it’s cozy mysteries. They are short and easy, charming and entertaining and just the thing to flex my reading muscles. I started one called The Great Witches Baking Show and it’s just what I needed. And it was free on Amazon.
  3. Today is Hannah and Mikey’s 2 month anniversary. On the one hand, Iceland feels like a dream that was ages ago. On the other hand, I can’t believe my girlie is now an old married lady. Ha! Here’s a photo you haven’t seen yet:

And that’s all I have for you this week. Please include your link below if you wrote a Three On Thursday post this week.

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  1. I’m also watching Maid and finding it compelling and educational. I’ve been searching all week for something to read and landed on some poetry. I do think a cozy mystery might be up next. Happy Two Month Anniversary to the old married lady!

  2. Pandemic reading is a little complicated. Reading is a great escape or stimulating or edifying depending on what you read. It seems somehow more complicated to choose reading material more often these days. I have kind of relaxed my need to finish because it’s important guidelines. Some days it just needs to be my escape.

  3. That photo is fantastic! Can’t believe it’s already been two months since the wedding — where does the time go?

    I’m trying to get my husband into Ted Lasso. I binged the first season and loved it, so I’m rewatching it with him before I watch the second. He’s unimpressed so far. I think the guy needs lots of explosions to keep his interest!

  4. That photo! It’s fantastic, Carole. I am really in a reading slump these days, waiting for books to come in at the library. I think our library’s funding has really been cut, and it shows in the small number of books they get in. Not their fault, but sad to think that their funding has been cut. I think my palate cleanser is mysteries as well.

  5. Gorgeous photo! Happy 2-month anniversary to that Old Married Lady!! 🙂
    We are in a bit of a TV slump… so thank you for the recommendations!

  6. What a perfect wedding photo! (That veil was the perfect headpiece for Iceland, I tell ya. . . ) We are huge Ted Lasso fans here, and our Friday evenings will be so much more “empty” now that the season has ended. (Although we are planning to just . . . watch it all over again!) And we also look forward to each week’s episode of The Morning Show (and The Great British Baking Show). I can’t talk Tom into Maid, but I’m planning to watch on my own, now that he’s curling again. And I’m so glad you found something to read! XO

  7. I just heard about Maid and want to watch it soon. I’ve been reading a “cozy dog mystery” series by Neil Plakcy – I’m on book #8 and loving all of them. The characters are engaging and real, and it’s set in a small PA town but reminds me of New England. I’d forgotten how much joy a lighter read could bring.

  8. Wow! Two months – that time flew. I also like a good mystery for a palate cleanser. This week I went back to reading a book I had abandoned last fall and it is filling the reading gap.

  9. Ted!!! We also loved it so very, very much. Really you are right – possibly the best show ever. I watched season one of The Morning Show and am trying to get Doug to binge it so we can watch season two together. I may end up re-watching one to get my way! Happy 2 months to Hannah and Mikey!

  10. So funny that you mention the maid. I put a comment in my computer notes to check it out. I hear you with the reading slump, although I am enjoying reading Unsettled ground and just picked up the Matrix last night from the library. What works for me to jumpstart my reading is a book or 4 by Elin Hilderbrand about Nantucket. She is not the best writer, but she knows how to develop a bunch of characters that keep you glued to the book. I always pick up a bunch of second hand ones for summer reading.

    I LOVE that picture of Hannah and Mike!!

  11. TWO months??!! (wow, time flies). We’re still watching Ted, and the GBBS. Marc and Sara watched MAID and now they’re deep into a rewatch of VEEP. I’m reading. Finished the Thursday Murder Club this morning and what a hoot – I’m close to the top of the library holds and look forward to #2 in the series.

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