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It’s Wednesday

I’m plugging away (slowly) on my Musselburgh hat. I’ve finished the stripes through Neptune and I plan to start the decreases when I hit Pluto. I may just have a new hat for someone (myself? I don’t know) for Christmas.

I would have probably been done by now but I mistakenly left the hat at work last weekend. I couldn’t go without knitting for 3 days so I actually cast on for my friend Sean’s new pattern, a Santa Hat. Sean knit this a few weeks ago and I asked him if he would kindly write up the pattern and he did. And then shared it on Ravelry and it’s a free download. I’m still working on the brim because I have restarted it twice. Once, because it was two small. And once because, in a rookie move, I left it out on a table in the living room and Fred and George . . . well . . . they had some fun with yarn in the night. It took me 45 minutes to untangle it (it was wrapped around the legs of a dining room chair to add insult to injury) but I prevailed and started over and I’m much more careful about where I leave my knitting now.

I hope your knitting is all forward progress these days!

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  1. So Fred and George do get into mischief! That Santa Hat looks great, and now you’ve got two hats to work on. Glad you can knit as far as Neptune!

  2. Well, I think I must have missed something about the planetary references to the Musselburgh hat. Wendy is right, Sean’s Santa hat is wicked cute! Now that you have figured out how to foil the brothers in knitting mischief, what do you think is next? Something will be! I am really glad that you are once again knitting, Carole.

  3. I’m glad to know that the kittens are developing normally and made a mess of the yarn as they’re supposed to! (I’m less glad that you had to spend all that time untangling!) Looking forward to seeing your hats!

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