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Three On Thursday

Today I’m sharing 3 random things about my reading life.

  1. I recently met my GoodReads challenge of reading 75 books this year. Since there are still 7 more days left in the year, and since I am done working for the year, I anticipate surpassing my goal by about 5. Time will tell.
  2. Even though I work in a library, where I have access to brand new books on a daily basis, I get most of my reading recommendations from my friends on GoodReads. So many of you read really great books and I find myself adding many to my own to-read list. I also like to read things on prize lists and end-of-year lists from news sources. I think having a variety of things to consider is the key to continuously reading.
  3. Despite my carefully curated list of books to read, sometimes I am at a loss. When that happens, I turn to cozy mysteries. They are light and fast and usually include recipes and they serve as the perfect palate cleanser for my overworked and overtired brain. One series I’ve been enjoying lately is Cozy Capers Book Group mysteries, mostly because they are set on Cape Cod.

And that’s it for me this Thursday. I hope perhaps you learned something more about my reading habits and maybe even found an idea or two to incorporate into your reading life. As always, if you wrote a post for this week, please share it below.

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  1. Cozy mysteries are my choice for relaxing before bed. I can recommend the Bake Shop series by Ellie Alexander. Wonderful characters in an inviting setting. Well, except for those murders in that town!

  2. I set my reading goal very low this year and while I loved what I read, I am really thinking about how to curate my reading list for 2022 so I don’t feel so stretched. I am in a bit of a lull right now after reading some wonderful books and I also turn to detective books or mysteries. My most recent find is Val McDermid – love reading anything set in Scotland.

  3. I tend to read the authors I know I really like most often, but I also deliberately try to read at least 2-4 authors new to me each year. Even if I read a book I am not crazy about, I have expanded my reading experience of different authors. I also like to throw some nonfiction in there. I used to turn to cozy mysteries, but now I seem to read historical mysteries when I need a palate cleanser. And, I get recommendations from you, which I hope you know I truly appreciate, Carole!

  4. I always enjoy your book posts Carole. I’ve ggotten some great recommendations from you. I’m reading some mysteries now as a palate cleanser. Sometimes that’s exactly what is needed. Enjoy your time off from work and Merry Christmas!

  5. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like that Goodreads goal is a bit arbitrary — and yet all the same, it’s a good feeling to get to that number! I am so thankful to have a great group of blog friends who love to read and always make such good book recommendations. I certainly hear about new books coming out but have such a long TBR list thanks to others’ recommendations that I know I’ll never run out of new things to read. And like you, I enjoy a cozy mystery when I’m not sure what to read next.

    Enjoy your time off!

  6. I have mixed feelings about setting a Goodreads goal – it doesn’t feel good to set a goal for something that I do almost solely for the pleasure it brings me, but at the same time, it’s nice to keep track of books I’ve read. I used to be afraid of not having a good book to read after I’ve finished one, but because of Goodreads and friends’ recommendations (like yours!) I’m never without a good book or three in my queue.

  7. Like you, I enjoy a cozy mystery or a good whodunit it when I am busy and unfocused or when I don’t know what to read next or when I’m waiting for a library hold to come it.
    I enjoy getting book recommendations from a variety of sources, but the recommendations from Goodreads friends are the most reliable.
    Happy Holidays to you & Dale!

  8. I get so many recommendations from you! My mindless wanderings generally lead me to Elin Hilderbrand these days. And I’m just short of my goal but it’s all good!

  9. I like cozy mysteries for a nice break from the thrillers or other books I read. I think I have 3 to go to hit goal. When I finished the book club book I took a break with some quick Christmas stories. Then, a book club for a local used bookstore came in on Overdrive so I’m taking a break to read that. Then back to Christmas books to finish out the year.

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