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One Little Word, 2022

Happy New Year, my friends! As is my tradition, my first post of the year is about my One Little Word. And this year the word I have chosen is . . .


This word actually came to my late in the process, I had another one all selected. But once I saw this one, I couldn’t shake it and I knew it was right for me for 2022. I love that it’s both a noun and a verb. I love that it means to do something repeatedly as a custom or habit and to gain proficiency in the process.

In other words, practice means to try. Repeatedly. It offers the freedom of failure (I will not be embracing the phrase practice makes perfect) but at the same time it’s a reminder to get back to it (whatever it is) and give it another go. It’s not about achieving . . . it’s about doing.

I’m excited to see where practice takes me this year and I hope you will follow along on this journey.

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  1. Happy New Year!
    “Practice” is such a great word and I see how it could be applied/found/done is so many ways.
    I chose “better” as it’s incremental steps and changes that move things forward and closer to what I would like them to be.

  2. I think this is a fabulous word, Carole! (I actually first typed “perfect word” — but I’m trying to expunge the word “perfect” from my vocabulary.) I’m eager to see where this word takes you! XO

  3. This is a very good word, Carole! (and and excellent choice to follow create!) I am so excited to see what you share what both the noun and the verb teach you this year! Well done!

  4. This is a great word and one that can truly mean SO many things. I know you’ll have a great time digging into this word and how it fits into your life.

  5. Great word, Carole! All of life is just practice, isn’t it? And it’s a great mindset as well. Don’t try to achieve, just practice, and through practice, you will achieve so much. Happy New Year, Carole.

  6. I’m terrible at choosing a OLW, so a while back I adopted PRACTICE as my forever word… it will never not feel right, and it goes with every other word! It’s like the LBD of words. 🙂

  7. I’m loving this word, Carole. Especially what you say about *doing*–not achieving. I’m looking forward to following along this year. Happy New Year!

  8. Freedom of Failure-I LOVE it. Happy New Year and here’s to what 2022 has in store for you. I’m soooo behind in my blog reading 😉

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