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One Little Word Update: January 2022

It’s the 4th Tuesday of the month and that means it’s time to join with Carolyn and talk about my One Little Word, practice.

I like having a specific place to track my progress so I ordered the main kit from Ali Edwards back in December to help me record my journey with my word. Unfortunately, due to supply issues, I have not yet received these items. Ali did make things available for download, though, so I printed things out on paper and I wrote down my thoughts and I will add them to the journal when I receive it.

I have read the lesson documents, watched the mid month videos, and even participated in an online zoom with about 200 other One Little Word-ers. These things have inspired me to sit down and document this month. I have written about why I chose this word, how I will encourage myself to consider this word on a regular basis, and how I hope it will help me live a more authentic and meaningful life. Some of it is rambling and some of it is messy and all of it is real.

Following Ali’s advice, I have identified how my word can help me with physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and creative growth. I want to feel pride and accomplishment instead of shame and failure and I believe focusing on these areas will help me make progress with that. I also want to remember that practice is an opportunity to try and I don’t have to be perfect or always get it right the first (or 100th) time.

The first month is so important for me when it comes to really thinking about my word and identifying how I hope it will impact my life. It’s also a time to remind myself that there will be surprises, there will be setbacks, there will be months when I don’t feel inspired . . . but I will show up for my word anyway.

Practice. It’s going to be good.

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  1. I don’t “do” OLW, but I always enjoy reading posts from others who do. Practice is an interesting choice and contains so many possibilities at all different levels (emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.). I’ll look forward to seeing/reading where this word takes you Carole.

  2. As an adult, I learned something interesting from a friend who was a successful coach. Practice should be intentional if it is to help you improve. For example, if you want to run faster, you have to practice that specifically not just running in general or running longer. You try to add short distances of running faster and then practice making that short segment more often or longer. Otherwise, our brain and body will be ready to do that thing we practiced, even if it isn’t what we wanted. I’m not a runner, but it does help me remember to practice good intentional habits when I do things where I want to improve. Sorry to be long winded, but it was a helpful idea to me.

    1. Robby, I love this idea of practicing the specifics. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

      Carole, thank you for sharing your OLW, and how you’re implementing it into your daily life. I’m looking forward to seeing how your practice leads you through a year of new experiences.

  3. I haven’t been very successful with OLW, but like Vera, I enjoy reading about others’ experiences. And Robby’s comment has me considering intentional practice. It’s all very interesting and I look forward to seeing where you go with this word.

  4. I always like to read bout how people are settling in with their word. I didn’t order the main kit but I have printed a few things and done some kind mapping. I feel the need to go slowly as I start my journey with my word this year and I am trying to listen – not always my strength.

  5. I love what Becky said!
    In my life, I’m pretty sure ‘practice’ is the point… In all the ways. Here’s to a beautiful year with it.

  6. I am in agreement with Kym… this is going to be such a great year! I am excited to see where you go together! 🙂

  7. When you first announced your word, I thought of the fact that for a number of professions (notably professions that require a lot of training to do), the word for what they do on a daily basis is practice. It’s interesting to me that there’s that hint in our language that maybe what we shouldn’t be aiming for is perfection but rather continuing to hone what we do. I’m looking forward to seeing how you implement Practice this year!

  8. Oh yes! that sounds like the perfect beginning for this year’s word (and I hope you get that physical journal soon – I saw Juliann’s and was … tempted!) Practice was a runner-up in this year’s intentions list. I’m looking forward to seeing how it shows up for you.

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