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Three On Thursday

This week’s topic comes directly from Kym . . . 3 facts about Fred and George!

  • Fred and George were born on August 31, 2021 so they are now almost 6 months old. I found the breeder in a Facebook group for Siamese cats in Massachusetts and they came to live with us on November 5, 2021. They were a little shy that first day but Mikey (who we now call the Cat Whisperer) got them to come out from hiding and they’ve been bounding through our house ever since.
  • People ask (a lot) how we tell them who is who. At first, it was only by their collars. Fred wears red and George wears green. Now, though, I have learned other ways. George’s fur is significantly softer than Fred’s and that allows me to tell them apart in the dark . . . when they jump on the bed in the middle of the night, mostly. George is also quite a bit bigger than Fred. Their markings are pretty much identical but some people think George’s face mask goes up higher on his head than Fred’s. (I have trouble seeing this difference.) Their personalities are also quite different. Fred is always the first one to try anything new and he’s much more adventuresome. He’s also more cuddly. George is a bit more reserved and he takes a little longer to try new things.
  • They both have terrible manners when it comes to food. They are extremely persistent in trying to take food from our plates or bowls and fending off two of them is a huge challenge. They’ve been like this all along and we don’t feed them from the table and, so far, have not been able to break them of this really annoying behavior. Right now our solution is to shut them in our bedroom when we eat dinner. I don’t like doing it but it’s better than having a cat trying to steal my pork chop, you know? This is really (at least so far) the only thing the do that truly bugs me, they are generally well behaved and well mannered.

And that’s the facts on Fred and George. I love them like crazy and I’m so glad we made the decision to make them part of our family. They are friendly and cuddly, they make me laugh with their antics, and they are a great addition to our lives.

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  1. I love how they almost always seem to be together! Two of these photos are some of the few you’ve posted where they are alone, but it’s wonderful you adopted both of them.

  2. They are insanely cute! I am so happy they are part of your family! (or are you and Dale part of theirs?) I have no wisdom for pork chop stealing kittens…sorry!

  3. I love posts about Fred and George, so thank you for indulging me. (And the cuteness of the faint little “stripes” on the underside of George’s [???] arms in that first photo? I’m kinda dying . . . )

  4. We had an ornery pair of lovable kitties. We trained them to behave somewhat better with a water bottle. A quick mist of water in their face and they quickly retreated with no harm done. It didn’t completely break them of getting on the table, but if we kept the spray bottle nearby where they could see it was enough. Eventually they wouldn’t get on the table if we were in the room. Not ideal, but at least dinner was peaceful. You could also try having catnip toys they only get while you dine, but I’m not sure they’re old enough to be catnip crazy. I’ve heard young cats don’t react quite the same, but I don’t know if that’s true.

  5. OMG – these kitties are just so adorable Carole. I’m so happy you and Dale adopted both of them. Our new cat – Mabel – is a handful for sure, but we do love her and are glad she is now part of our family.

  6. so sweet kitties…..but stealing your food?? try a spray bottle of water and each time they try give them a spray and it should break them of the habit very quickly…cross your fingers.
    such precious bundles when they cuddle.

  7. Well that was fun to read! I’m fascinated by sibling cats – Elise Joy (I think you follow her) has sisters and they do a lot of the same things that your brothers do … I never tire of seeing photos that show them yin and yang-ing … or being different from each other.

  8. They are not cute, they are so handsome! Very elegant, like all Siamese cats seem to be. However, the sneakiest cat I ever knew was a Siamese. He loved to sneak up on me and sink in his claws. It seemed to be his idea of fun. I hope your never develop that habit, and I am glad you are having so much fun with them.

  9. They are so sweet! I’m sure that, like twins, it’s easier to tell them apart when you live with them and interact with them every day. I hope that as they get older, the food thing resolves (are kittens like puppies in that respect?).

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