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Three On Thursday

I’ve got 3 random things to share today . . .

  1. Thank you for the suggestion of using a spray bottle of water to keep Fred and George away from our food during mealtimes. I tried it Thursday night and had immediate success with this – they scattered instantly when sprayed! It took a few more squirts before they got the message but at this point I mostly just gesture at the bottle and they behave. It’s like having 2 new (well behaved) kittens in the house and I’m so grateful for this suggestion!
  2. Speaking of Fred and George . . . they were neutered on Tuesday. Everything went fine and several hundred dollars and a few hours later, I picked them up. The vet tech went over the instructions with me and told me to a)not let them lick themselves or each other b)not let them jump on things and c)not let them have zoomies (running around like crazy for those who don’t know the term). Ummmm. These are kittens. They do all of these things and stopping them would be next to impossible. We did our best to keep them quiet Tuesday night but by Wednesday it was futile. Let’s just hope things heal up as they should despite the licking and jumping and zooming.
  3. Check your credit card statements. I know you probably do this but I was going over mine from last month the other day and noticed a hotel charge that didn’t belong. Turns out, even though I cancelled the hotel for my municipal association conference trip that didn’t happen, they still charged me for 1 night. I called and got it fixed easily enough (I may have been a bit self righteous about the whole affair) but if I hadn’t noticed it I would have paid $228 for no reason.

And that’s all I have for you today. If you wrote a post for today, don’t forget to include your link below.

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  1. That’s great when a few squirts of water does the trick! (Now I just have to keep myself from carrying a spray bottle of water and squirting people when they misbehave!)

  2. I am glad the squirt bottle trick is working… and I burst right out laughing at Bonny’s statement! (I am nodding at the potential for this! LOL)

    That credit card issue… oy. Good catch! Some years ago Steve turned on “email notifications” when a charge goes through. That little “annoyance” has helped us catch fraud as it happens!

  3. I’m laughing so hard at Bonny’s suggestion of squirting misbehaving people with a squirt bottle that I can barely type. (And I do wish that were A Thing One Could Do. . . ) I’m so glad G&F did well with their . . . procedure. Sometimes don’t you wonder how well vets really know pets? (Don’t let them lick themselves. RIGHT . . . ) XO

  4. That advice about your kitties post op behavior is hilarious! I would have laughed out loud. All of my dogs who had to be neutered wore the “cone of shame” for a couple of days, but even that is a struggle. I hope G&F do well, and I bet they will. Yep, I check my CC bills pretty religiously. I have found several bogus charges and have needed to have my CC replaced a few times.

  5. Mylo comes home with a collar or cone that keeps him from getting to the spot. Probably wouldn’t work for cats. Cat’s are more fun and kittens, especially, but I love me dogs. 🙂 i check my bankcard almost daily and I had a charge around $40 that I didn’t make to Amazon AU (yes, Australia). The bankcard immediately canceled my card and sent me a new one. They were taking no chances. It pays to check all your accounts for minor frauds that could turn into big ones.

  6. I wish the spray bottle technique worked on people, too! Bonny may have started a thing and soon we’ll be hearing about a national trend of women wielding spray bottles on the news!

    Good luck keeping the kittens calm and still. How do you feel about getting them super relaxed with some catnip?

  7. I’ve only had dogs fixed, and only single dogs at that. I LOL’d about them licking EACH OTHER! (sure hope their recovery was easy!)

  8. I’d forgotten the squirt bottle trick as it’s a long, long time since Ginger was a kitten! Glad you got your money back, too! There are scammers out there also, so be careful with online purchases. (Ask me how I know!)

  9. Yikes about your credit card bill! Good thing you checked! The good thing about Male kitties when they are neutered is they heal quick. 😉
    Have a fun time off!!

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