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One Little Word Update: March 2022

It’s the last Tuesday of the month and that means it’s time to join with Carolyn and talk about my One Little Word, practice.

For this month’s prompt over at Ali Edwards, we worked on writing a poem. Yep, you heard me. We wrote poems. And even though that sounds about as intimidating as can be, the structure of the whole thing made it very very doable. Fun, even. Liz Lamoreux was in charge and she gave us great questions to answer, both from our own perspective and from the perspective of our words. Then she had us circle key phrases and answer a few more questions. And then, after a bit more direction, she had us writing poetry.

I’m taking a big gulp and sharing mine with you. I don’t think great literature but I was able to capture the feeling I wanted and that’s enough.

I think of summer afternoons
When the light filters through the window, turning everything gold
And the breeze gently stirs the curtains and baths me in delicious air
Home is comfortable and safe, a respite from an uncertain and broken world
A place where I’m tempted to hide myself away

Instead, I choose to let love in because
I know, deep in my soul, that I am better for it
And that the work
                -even the hard work
                -even the heavy work
Will produce results

I don’t have to get everything right
I decide what is worthwhile and define my own success
So long as I agree to try

I can meander this path
                -of my life
                -of my service
and throw flowers before me
their reds and yellows and pinks
blazing with possibility.

I am learning my lessons
trauma is not forever
nature is predictable and has no hidden agenda
the wheel of the year is always, and will always, keep turning.

I embrace the joy of freedom,
and fling myself into possibility
And remember that showing up
                -as myself
                -for myself
is enough.

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  1. That is a lovely poem. (In this early morning, half awake, without my glasses, I misread one line as “trump is not forever”!)

  2. Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing your words. It is hard to put ourselves out there.

  3. I love it! Poetry is a peek into the writer’s soul, and I think you did a great job. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. It gives me the shivers, Carole. It’s really beautiful. But more than that . . . it’s meaningful and personal.

  5. Ah, self acceptance, the hardest part! Well done, Carole, I think it is a lovely, vulnerable poem.

  6. That was a wonderful poem. Please write more even if you don’t share all of them with us.

  7. Thank you for this lovely feeling I get from your poem, It reached into a deep part of me.

  8. Your poem is the type of poetry I enjoy. It’s real, and it’s beautiful, and it’s understandable, but it has all the markers of being lyrical and poetical. I feel what you’re feeling and that’s the big thing. Just beautiful, Carole!

  9. Carole, thank you for sharing your poem – it’s beautiful! I really love how much of YOU comes through in the words and the phrasing. The line about the wheel of the year turning always speaks to me … and I think those closing lines are the best take-away. Being you is (always) enough. xxoo.

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