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One Little Word Update: April 2022

It’s the last Tuesday of the month and that means it’s time to join with Carolyn and talk about my One Little Word, practice.

I’ve got to admit that my heart sort of sank when I saw that this month’s prompt from Ali Edward’s was a choose your own adventure type of thing. I’m someone who likes to make lists and take action and have concrete steps. And really, the idea of going on a date with my word (yes indeed that was one of the suggestions) just felt silly to me.

However, when I sat down to watch Ali’s monthly video, I immediately started taking notes and eventually realized I was coming up with the areas of my life I want to focus on when I consider practice. Before I knew it, I had a full blown mind map going, with circles and arrows and strike throughs.

The question for me is: what are the things I want to practice to live an authentic, balanced, fulfilling, and joyful life? And: how do I practice well being of mind and body?

I’m answering those questions by taking care of myself through a variety of ways, some fun and some more like work. I have identified:

listening to music and reading
creative pursuits including knitting and writing and art journaling
exploring my relationship with food by working with a nutritionist and learning to use my pizza oven
considering my history with movement and healing that relationship

I’m excited at how this all played out for me, especially since I thought this month would be a dud. Instead, I’m feeling energized and excited about practice in some truly specific ways.

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  1. Oooooh! Very cool, Carole. 🙂 You’re “choosing your own adventure” for sure . . . and developing a practice that suits YOU. (And that’s the power of One Little Word.) XO

  2. Ooo! I like this idea of “choosing your own adventure”… what an avenue of possibilities! And I really love the list you have laid out for yourself! XO

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