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Three On Thursday

three thursday spring

In keeping with the theme this week, here are 3 random things I’m thinking about . . .

  1. Traffic on my morning commute. This is not something I normally ever think about, however, there is some road work happening that is creating a detour on to the roads that I drive to and from work. It’s not a big deal but yesterday it added 6 minutes to my drive time and, to say that I was annoyed would be an understatement. All this really means is that I need to remember to be grateful for the super easy drive to work I have been making for the past 22 years.
  2. I am itching to garden. It’s still a little soon but the urge is SO STRONG right now. I want to plant some new ground phlox and I’ve got dahlia tubers that I ordered last fall that arrived the other day and more. The smart thing to do right now would be to work on the bed by the deck because I’ve been neglecting it for years (and it shows) but the fun thing to do would be to
  3. Paul Simon. I am listening to Miracle and Wonder thanks to Bonny and Kym’s hearty recommendations and it is a delight. I’m fascinated by Simon’s career and also by the fact that he can’t remember when he wrote many of his early songs. You’d think, if you wrote hits like Bridge Over Troubled Water and The Sounds of Silence that it would have been a light bulb moment that would stick in your head but that’s just not the case here. If you have 5 hours to spare I highly recommend this audiobook and I don’t think you will be disappinted.

And that’s all for me this Thursday. If you wrote a post for today (and most of you don’t do this anymore so I’m seriously considering dropping the inlinkz thing [hint: it’s not free] next time it comes up for renewal) please add your link below.

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  1. It was 34 here last night so there’s not much in the way of planting new things yet. Glad you’re enjoying Paul Simon. Maybe you had him with you in the car and could listen for an extra six minutes?

  2. I’m working hard to get my garden beds in good (enough) shape so I’ll be ready for planting . . . soon. Very soon. (It’s so hard to be patient in the spring.) We did transplant a few things the other day — just in time for a lot of rain (mixed with snow, but I’m ignoring that part). Anyway. Real Spring will arrive eventually . . . And I’m so glad you enjoyed Miracle & Wonder. I thought it was fascinating — and so well done! XO

  3. Okay, I love Paul Simon so I am off to find this book! Thank you for the stellar recommendation!

    And the weather… yeah, I am eager to get out in my garden but it was below freezing this morning, sigh.

  4. I’ve been itching to start on my gardening, too, but we had a freeze warning overnight and woke up to 31F, so I think it’s a good thing I haven’t just yet. Perhaps this weekend we’ll get started on seedlings inside and the weather will be more reliably springlike by the time they’re ready to go in the ground.

    Thanks for the recommendation of Miracle and Wonder. I needed something new to listen to on my walks and just found it on Hoopla!

  5. Ugh road work. I’ve got the Paul Simon book loaded in Audible. Gotta finish Cutting with Stone (23 hours!) and a book group book. Looking forward to it though!

  6. I’m thinking Miracle and Wonder might be the one that convinces me to like audio books! (never have been a fan) Fletch is the gardener in our family and I will say that we had a salad with 5 different mixed greens the other night…greens from our garden! (Yes, we do have a cold frame). I saw some roadwork on my way to PT this a.m., but since I am still working from home I am thankfully unaware of most of it!

  7. I’ve had that Paul Simon conversation on my list since Katie told me about it last year … soon, I’m promising myself, soon!

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