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Three On Thursday

I’m on vacation, friends and it’s a good one because I’m off until . . . wait for it . . . July 11th! I’m using up the last of my personal time this week and then I’m taking 2, count ’em TWO, full weeks off. I won’t be gone from this blog for the whole time but my presence might be a little . . . sporadic. Today I’m sharing 3 thoughts about our upcoming trip.

  1. We are headed to Maine tomorrow for our annual trip to the house we first rented for our honeymoon and have more recently been renting since June 2016. I love this cottage on the shore so much and I’m really looking forward to our time away. I was saying to Dale the other night that I’m sad about our favorite bakery closing permanently last year. They had amazing croissants and I always made a point of getting them at least twice while we were there. Dale said, I’m not sad, I’m excited because it means we can try something new. If that doesn’t sum up our two personalities in a nutshell I’m not sure what does.
  2. The only down side to the trip that I can think of is being away from Fred and George. Now. They will be well cared for and not alone as they have each other as well as terrific caregivers/house sitters. But still. I’m going to miss my furry friends and I just hope they will forgive me when we return. Mason always greeted us affectionately when we would first get home and then proceed to give us the cold shoulder for a day or two after. It will be interesting to see how Fred and George handle our first major separation.
  3. I’m not sure how much knitting to bring. My kindle is loaded with books and reading tends to be my go-to for this vacation but I know I’ll want to knit, too. Last year I was hauling ass on Hannah’s wedding sweater and socks, it’s kind of nice to not have any deadlines this year! I just started a new Musselburgh hat for Dale and odds are that I won’t even come close to finishing it but still, I worry about running out of knitting. I hear it’s been chilly in Maine so perhaps I’ll bring my Daytripper cardigan. And yarn for another Musselburgh . . . just in case.

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  1. Choosing the onboard entertainment is always harder than the clothes for a trip. Of course, more important, too. Ha, ha! Maine is kind of magical, enjoy!

  2. oh Carole – what a great two and a half weeks you have in store!! Wishing you lovely weather, pretty views, delicious food, and as much reading and knitting as your heart desires!! ENJOY!

  3. Happy Vacation! I think you’ve got plenty of books and the right plan for knitting. You always have to take plenty of knitting even if you hardly touch it. (I love Dale’s attitude!)

  4. What a fabulous thing, Carole. I think you need 2 weeks away just to get out of the rut, the first week to detach, the second week to totally do whatever you like! Having your extra personal days before will just enhance the process. I am sure you will take enough knitting and books, so just enjoy the wonderful cook weather and don’t follow the news!

  5. Have a fantastic vacation! I’m also planning a little getaway to the coast–I want to see the botanical gardens and go troll hunting.

  6. Oooh, you lucky duck to be able to take that much time off! You are also very lucky to have someone like Dale around to give you a different perspective. I hope the trip is wonderful and relaxing and full of good reading!

  7. I, too, usually pack more knitting than I need. But. . . moods? Inspiration? Rainy days? You just never know! (And I’m curious about which books you’ve loaded on your Kindle. . . ) Here’s to new adventures and exploring new places! Enjoy your time in Maine, Carole! (The kitties will love you still!) XO

  8. Oh my gosh. “…odds are that I won’t even come close to finishing…” but I’ll bring another one AND a sweater. Just in case.

    If that doesn’t sum up a knitter going on vacation, I don’t know what does!!

    Have a wonderful time! I hope you find some good new bakery!!

  9. Have a wonderful time away. We just returned from 5 days away and I didn’t knit a stitch! (Unusual) I hope the lobster is aplenty and the weather is top top! (And I’m on the Dale side of that coin!)

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