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Three On Thursday

How about a few random things on my mind for this week?

  1. I saw my rheumatologist on Tuesday and I’m happy to say that he considers me to be stable and doing well. It’s truly remarkable when I consider how much pain I was in last fall and early winter . . . and then realize I am almost completely pain free on a daily basis now. I still can’t get my wedding ring on every day but I can on some days and that’s a major improvement, too. I’m taking my meds and my blood work is good and I’m so grateful for better living through chemistry. I’m also very very grateful that I don’t live in a state where my access to methotrexate could be denied for being a woman of child bearing age. Grrrrrr.
  2. If I ran the world, all magazines would be required to put the volume number and issue number in the same space. Ideally that would be the spine but I’d be okay with the cover or table to contents, too. I just want it to be consistent. Why, you may ask? Because I am the one who catalogs the magazines for my library and I spend so.much.time looking for the volume and issue numbers. Some put it in the back, some in the front and some I can’t find at all.
  3. Speaking of cataloging magazines (and those tiny little numerals) I have mostly adjusted to wearing my progressives. My distance sight is great with them and I’m used to them for driving. I don’t really need them for most of the reading that I do but when I do they work very well. I also like that I can keep my glasses on now at a Board of Selectmen’s meeting and I can see both the people at the meeting as well as the agenda and paperwork I need to read. I did get a pair just for computer work and they are . . . meh. So, I mostly don’t wear them at all when I’m on my computer but it’s not really an issue. Yet.

And that’s my random update for this Thursday. If you wrote a post for today please include your link below.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that your pain and your eyesight have gotten to a good place — those are very big things to be excited about! I don’t have a job where I need to catalog magazines, but I wish that there was more consistency in things like that. In my job, some projects use the serial comma and some do not, and I have a really hard time keeping them straight. Consistency in so many things would make life a lot simpler!

  2. Such good news about the rheumatologist visit! Managing chronic disease is always the goal . . . and achieving that goal is life-changing! 🙂 Sorry about the filing woes . . . but yay for adjusting to glasses-that-work.

  3. I am so so happy to read of your good news rheumatologist visit! That is just awesome, Carole! I hope things continue to improve!

    Boo to those filing woes! But glasses working the way they are intended is so… well… excellent! It makes for hassle free days!

  4. Wonderful news on the health front. Consistency in labeling magazines (honestly, anything), well, let’s hope our collective health is not dependent on that!

    You might take your computer glasses to where you had them made. I had a pair of glasses I was sure was not made to my prescription. Much to my surprise, they tweaked the ear pieces a bit so they sat better on my head instead of some arbitrary “standard” and I was much happier with them. And, well, sometimes humans make errors, too.

  5. I’m glad to hear that your rheumatologist and drugs are managing things! John has a chronic autoimmune disease and he is a huge fan of his rheumatologist and immunosuppressive meds.

    Maybe it’s time to delegate the magazine cataloging or trade the job with someone else?

  6. All good news, Carole, and it’s very encouraging. Chronic pain is just so overwhelming sometimes, and I am glad you are not having to deal with it daily. I think so many things need to be standardized, like everything – LOL. It would make life so much easier. Happy Thursday!

  7. That first point is such great news, Carole – better living through science indeed! and I guess that goes to point #3, too. We do have much to be grateful for!

  8. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Carole!

    It was when I was constantly tilting my head back, causing incredible tension in my neck & upper back, that I had to go for the “computer” glasses and now I have three pair! (Two for 3′ distance for work/home, and one for 14′ distance — which I’m still getting used to, but they sure are cute, and also work for some of the closer stuff, such as video calls w/family!)

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