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Three On Thursday

So listen. I today’s post all planned. And then yesterday Vera talked about learning two new words:

The first is Petrichor which means the scent of earth after rain.  Love this!  And then Biblichor which is the scent of pages of old books (slightly almond-ish or vanilla-ish).  What great words!!

And I have to admit, those are two great words and also two of my most favorite scents. I almost decided to talk about those scents and try and come up with a 3rd that has a unique word to describe it. But, in the end, I decided to stick with my original plan: 3 scents I am loving in my garden right now.

  1. Basil. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut basil. It’s herby and clean and I adore it. My friend Doreen has always said that if she’s ever in a coma (goddess forbig) to stick a big bunch of basil under her nose and it will wake her right up.
  2. Lavender. I always plant a container of lavender for my deck and I always put it right next to where I sit. I love to run my fingers through it and then inhale that gorgeous scent as it wafts over me. It’s floral but not overpowering (like lilacs) and it instantly relaxes me.
  3. Geraniums. I have a friend who doesn’t care for the scent of geraniums, he thinks they smell like dirt. And to that I say, what’s wrong with that?! I love that green floral scent that comes through my windows from the boxes hanging from them outside. I often dead head my geraniums by lifting the screens and snapping off the spent blossoms and that, too, releases their clean and earthy scent.

I hope you are enjoying the scents of the season! If you wrote a post for today, please include your link below.

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  1. Basil? Absolutely
    Geraniums? Great reminder of my childhood.
    Lavender? Nope, totally too much for me. But it is beautiful.

  2. Those are great smells, Carole! (Although I love lavender, sometimes – if it’s too much – it can be cloying to me.) I’d add . . . tomato plants, lilacs, and fresh-squeezed citrus of any kind. XO

  3. I agree! There are a couple of houses with lavender along my walking route, and I love to rub my hands in it and sniff (but watch for bees)! My honeysuckle is one of the scents I also love all summer.

  4. ooohhh, what a fun post! my favorite smell right now is the tomatoes … we’ve had tomato sandwiches for dinner the last two nights and I hope we continue that trend tonight, too!

    1. p.s. I’m reading Emily Henry’s latest Book Lovers right now and the two main characters both wear a scent called Book that I SO WISH were real so I could buy a bottle and wear it, too 🙂

  5. FUN!! I would add Rosemary to that list. We have by or on our patio pots of oregano, basil and rosemary. Yesterday we could smell the basil when the breeze stirred it a bit. Also tomatoes – I used to not like the scent from tomato plants, but now I love it. We have a lavender plant out in the garden (veggie garden), but I think next year I will add that to the patio as well.

  6. Those are three of my favorite scents! I second what Vera said about adding rosemary to the list. I would also include the bergamot that is blooming in my garden right now, although it looks a bit wild, I love the scent and I love that it is covered with bees and butterflies!

  7. All great scents, but one of my greatest loves in summer is honeysuckle. I grew up smelling it all summer long as our backyard fence was covered in it. I am a scent hound in that I burn incense, candles, and make scented soap, so I have too many favorites to name them all. Some of my favorite soap scents are anything woody, like sandalwood and eucalyptus, and amber. Scents have the power to change my mood pretty quickly. Oh, and the Book Depository had a limited edition bookmark that they scented with the smell of new books, and I was not lucky enough to get one in my order. BOO!

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