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Three On Thursday

I think many of us try and be mindful about how we stay informed these days. The news can be relentless and mostly difficult and it’s a real challenge to absorb the news without it impacting our outlook. I’ve got 3 sources I rely on regularly for information and they are . . .

Heather Cox Richardson’s daily email, Letters from An American. She’s an historian and author and her calm and straightforward reporting and analysis of politics is incredible.

The New York Times. I get email digests of stories daily. Sometimes I click the links and read more and sometimes I just read the headlines, depending on how much energy I’ve got for consuming information.

Up First is a daily podcast from NPR and I listen to it every morning while I’m doing my hair and makeup. It’s less than 15 minutes long and it keeps me informed on national as well as global news. It’s easy to digest and doesn’t overwhelm me with too much information.

And that’s the quick and dirty on how I handle keeping up with the news. If you wrote a post for today, please include your link below.

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  1. I also rely on the first two (with a smattering of WaPo) and will give #3 a try. I can also recommend Dan Rather’s “Steady” which is more commentary than news – and is wonderful.

  2. Local paper because local news matters. Washington Post because I feel like while NYT does some good work they used terrible ethics to get access to the previous administration and kind of failed their national readership that doesn’t live in NYC with their coverage of TFG before he was elected. NPR because they tend to have well seasoned reporters who aren’t trying to show how cute they are like some of our local news readers. Thanks for this, I’ll be popping back to see the comments later today because you have a thoughtful readership.

  3. I feel it’s important to stay informed, but it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed. I typically watch the news (local and national) over breakfast and during dinner, so I get a general sense of the big stories locally, nationally, and internationally. I also follow NPR on Twitter so that I can skim the headlines throughout the day. I don’t often click on links to read the full story because in most cases the headline alone is enough to get the gist of what’s happening.

  4. What’s been working for me is checking the NPR website, occasionally BBC, and sometimes WaPo. I take a look at The New Yorker and The Atlantic websites when I feel the need for analysis and something beyond the usual daily headlines. I try not to spend more than 10-15 minutes on news because it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

  5. I don’t watch the news (have not for years), but Fletch watches a lot of news shows and fills me in on anything critical. We also usually have the classical & jazz music station playing on the radio and they have the NPR news breaks.

  6. I rely on NYT and Axios emails, and SharonSaysSo on Instagram. So many folks have a short podcast in their morning routine but I can’t seem to get into that habit.

  7. Thanks for the recommendations, Carole. I am going to try them. I rely on NPR, Google News, and PBS, along with the local news. It is so important to get news from a valid source these days that is not totally biased in their reporting. I haven’t found anyone better than PBS and NPR. I do look at a few daily newsletters, but I am evaluating them for their worth. They are often just a repeat of the headlines.

  8. I tend to put on the local news for a little while after work for weather and anything going on in the State. I follow Jessica Yellin on Instagram. I also get Dan Rather’s daily email. I get the Heather Cox Richardson email but most days I delete without reading as I just don’t want to know anything else.

  9. Excellent suggestions, Carole. I am a huge fan of Up First in my morning routine as well. And we subscribe to the WaPo (versus NYTimes) and these days I scan the headlines versus reading every article. It can just be all too much… I agree!

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