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Three On Thursday

Today’s post is going to be a fast one, both for me to write and for you to read . . . I’m sharing 3 simple things that are bringing me joy right now . . .

  1. Zinnias and dahlias. I probably sound like a broken record but I absolutely love growing flowers for cutting. They bring me joy when I look out the window and see them and they also bring me joy when I cut them and bring them into the house.
  2. Homegrown tomatoes. We have ripe ones and they are delicious and probably my favorite summer treat. I have had a tomato sandwich for lunch two days in a row and I couldn’t be happier about that.
  3. Fred & George and their antics. These two bring me so much joy, they are playful and funny and sweet and I love them to pieces. I can’t believe they will be turning one at the end of the month!

I hope you are finding joy in simple things right now, too.

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  1. Also delicious on a hot day – cucumber sandwiches on squishy white bread loaded with mayo and salt.

  2. Hooray for tomatoes! We have gallons of cherry tomatoes but only two regular ones so far, and they got eaten in the garden. I want my tomato sandwiches, too!

  3. Tomatoes are indeed the absolute best thing of summer… (and the only thing getting me through these killer days, the heat and humidity is just ugh!)

  4. Three wonderful joys Carole! Our tomatoes are now coming in like gang busters. I’m thinking BLTs for dinner some night!

  5. Here’s to finding joy wherever we can right now! Love your list! mine includes meeting a friend for coffee, spending time with the fantastic selections on the Booker long list, and thinking about my next sweater project – Happy Thursday!

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