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Three On Thursday

The other day, Sarah hinted that it would be nice to have a Fred & George update. I’m happy to oblige today with 3 things about Fred & George right now.

George in the front, Fred in the back doing his best Olan Mills (IYKYK) pose
  1. It’s hard to believe but they will be turning ONE at the end of this month. This is their birthday, not the day they came to live with us (that was November 5, 2021) but I still feel like the time has flown by. Once they pass this milestone they will no longer be considered kittens and they will eat regular cat food instead of kitten chow. I actually put a call in to my vet yesterday to ask her what I need to do for a successful transition away from the only food they’ve ever known.
  2. While they don’t always sleep curled up together like they used to, they are still extremely devoted to each other and snuggle frequently. They are really never far apart for long, they still groom each other and wrestle with each other and play together all the time. Speaking of playing, their favorite toys are still those mylar crinkle balls and their 3 way tunnel. They will chase those crinkle balls all day long and they play fetch, too, bringing them back to be thrown over and over. And over. And they pop in and out of their tunnel all the time, usually with Fred on the inside and George on the outside.
  3. They have very distinctive personalities and appearances. Fred is quite a bit smaller than George and his fur isn’t as soft. He’s the more daring of the two, always the first to greet a new person or try something new. He’s more snuggly and cuddly and demands to be petted a lot. George is a BIG cat. He’s a bit more vocal than Fred (although neither is super vocal yet but as Siamese cats I know that’s coming) and he is slower to warm to new people and try new things. He sleeps for longer stretches of time and is more likely to sleep on our bed with us than Fred. One thing they both have in common? They miss us a lot when we go away!
Fred on the left, George on the right

And that’s the update on Fred & George. I’m so glad they are part of our family, I can’t imagine our home without them.

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  1. Yay for a kitten update! I can’t believe they’re almost one and that it’s almost been a year since you brought them home. It makes me so happy to hear that they love each other so much and enjoy playing with each other. Having never owned a cat, I have no idea how common it is for cats to play fetch. Is that a typical thing, or do you just have some exceptional cats?

  2. I love seeing Fred and George! I can’t believe how different they look from each other now. They’re such pretty cats, Carole. Although it’s hard to believe a year has already gone by, it also seems like . . . they’ve always been part of your life. XO (It’s too bad you can’t take them camping. . . )

  3. How quickly they grow – kids and kittens! It’s so sweet that they are with each other most of the time and it’s wonderful that you adopted them both. Thanks for sharing your Fred and George update!

  4. They really have evolved to look so different! When you first got them, they seemed identical. However, they continue to be quite beautiful. Thanks for the update.

  5. Thank you for the update … and now I can FINALLY tell them apart! Hard to believe they’re almost a year old – WOW, time flies and all that!

  6. I’m laughing because now I can finally tell them apart too. They are gorgeous cats Carole and I’m so glad you adopted them. It’s difficult to believe so much time has gone by. Fletch and I have seen truckers who have cats in their rigs and have though it would be fun to take our cat (Tyg previously, Mabel now) camping…but we know that would not be an idea situation for them. We are going on vacation in almost a month and I’m worried about how Mabel will do (being an indoor/outdoor cat).

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