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A Whole Handful

Our little grandson Jackie is 5 years old today! A birthday that my mother always described to a child as a whole handful (of fingers. get it?).

It’s hard to believe this little sweet baby

Is now this big boy

Here are 5 things about Jackie right now . . .

  1. His favorite food is spaghetti. He also really likes grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, cheese and crackers, chicken nuggets, and candy. His favorite color is blue. He can also tell you the favorite colors of everyone in our immediately family.
  2. He loves the outdoors. He just wants to be outside all.the.time. He’s rarely cold (he actually loves winter, which is so weird to me) and he wants to explore everything, whether he’s riding his trike or going down back with his grandpa to look for turtles, or having fun at the playground.
  3. He goes to preschool 3 afternoons a week. On Fridays, I pick him up and we hang out. The first week, I took him for ice cream to celebrate. The second week, we watched Moana and he ate . . . are you ready? . . . peanut butter toast, ritz crackers with cheese, and chicken nuggets. It was like the Very Hungry Caterpillar came to life in my kitchen! This week I think we will make chocolate pudding parfaits.
  4. He loves sea creatures. Sharks, octopus, all kinds of fish, coral and more. He draws them (he’s quite good) and he reads about them and he talks about them. Speaking of reading, of course he loves books. He has SO many (no surprise there, right?) and his favorite is this one that’s all about color.
  5. He’s a sweet and friendly little boy. He has always been empathic (I wish you could have seen him patting Dale’s leg after the accident) and it’s really apparent now that he’s in school and making friends. He cares about everyone and his heart is so big.

Happy 5th Birthday to Jackie!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jackie!! and wow, those five years flew by, didn’t they? It’s been a delight to share in your delight … he’s growing into a beautiful boy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jackie! I hope he has a great day today and a wonderful year ahead. (And speaking as someone who raised two boys, just wait. You’ll be shocked and amazed by how much they can eat, like a whole pack of hotdogs for lunch or eight eggs for breakfast.)

  3. Happy Birthday, Jackie! He’s such a little lovebug! This is just the beginning of his big appetite, I’m sure haha.

  4. Happy birthday, Jackie! (And the eating? Oh, man. Just give him 10 more years, and he’ll be clearing out your fridge and cupboards every single time he comes to visit his Nana . . . ) I’m always amazed how quickly “blog-kids” grown up, so I can’t believe Jackie is already 5 . . . but I’m not surprised at all that he’s big-hearted, curious, and fun-loving. Because how could he NOT be??? XOXO

  5. Happy Birthday, Jackie! He sounds like a family treasure in so many ways, Carole. I hope he keeps his curiosity, empathy, and love of books always, and I am sure you will help him do that.

  6. Happy birthday to the big boy! I love that you still have your Friday afternoons with him, and I hope that’s something you’ll continue to do for a long time.

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