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Three On Thursday

I’ve got three photos from Halloween to share with you today.

First up is Jackie, with a friend, in his Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas costume. His mask is off (one of the little ones he was trick or treating with was scared of it) but I prefer to see Jackie’s face anyway so I don’t mind.

Next up is Fred and George wearing their Gryffindor capes. Taking photos was a challenge! They were either trying to pull the capes off themselves, trying to pull them off each other, flopping over, or just generally moving. Having copious treats helped but it was still pretty tricky. At least they are both (mostly) in focus in this picture.

Finally, we have Hannah and Mikey as Dale and Carole, but reversed. When they walked in the house, I thought I’d bust a gut laughing. Mikey, as me, was perfection. He had a martini in one hand, a book in the other, and he told me to “get out of my seat” which is something I say to any of the kids when they are sitting in my spot on the couch. Hannah went with Dale’s classic look, a flannel shirt and blue jeans and L.L. Bean boots. She glued cotton balls to her face to make his goatee. I love that they chose this for Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed the costumes!

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  1. Hahahahaha – I really laighed out loud when I saw Hannah and Mikey – they look GREAT! and I can’t believe you even got the capes on the cats. Jackie, as ever, is darling. Great pictures Carole.

  2. Those are all great Halloween photos! Jackie is cute as always, I can hardly believe Fred and George have Gryffindor capes, and Hannah and Mikey are the best. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. I’m just dying over “Dale and Carole.” DY.ING.
    (Jackie and the cats are great, too. But “Dale and Carole?” The best.)

  4. You have more fun than anyone else I know.The costumes (and photos) are perfection. Jackie has the cutest face, and the cats just crack me up! Hannah and Mikey could not be more perfect. How does Mikey look so much like you?

  5. Hannah and Mikey are great! One of my former colleagues and his wife went as each other and it was hilarious.

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