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Three On Thursday

I’m feeling a bit random this week so let’s chat . . .

  1. Style School takes a lot of emotional bandwidth. We’re learning to describe our feelings in relation to our outfits. We’re learning to send love to parts of our bodies we have hated. We’re learning about body shapes and how to balance out those shapes with clothing and accessories. It’s emotional, but in a good way. I really feel like I’m stretching and growing.
  2. Hannah recently got a really big promotion at work. She’s out of the classroom and into administration, friends! I predicted this would happen by the time she was 35 but here she is at 30 and she’s rocking it. I’m so proud of my exceptional daughter and very excited to see her thrive in her new role.
  3. Election Day is less than 2 weeks away and I urge you to vote. So many people around the world don’t get that precious opportunity and yet here in the US, voter turn out is often pathetic. So please, vote if you care about reproductive rights. Vote if you care about veterans and LGBTQ+ individuals. Vote if you care about democracy. There is so much on the line so please . . . VOTE.

And that’s all the news for this Thursday. If you wrote a post for this week, please add your link below. Also, given that it’s been 3 weeks since anyone added a link and, given that I pay for the InLinkz subscription, I may be dropping the linking part of Three On Thursday soon. I’ll keep writing these posts and of course you can, too, but it seems a little silly to have a link party when there are no party goers. hahaha!

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  1. I follow Stasia (though I’ve never been *to* Style School) and I can only imagine how much you’re enjoying the process, hard as it can be sometimes. Congratulations on using the assets available to change your perspective on congruency.

    We always vote day of. Love the whole participation in democracy aura.

  2. Congratulations to you for rocking Style School, and to Hannah for doing so well in her career! I have already voted, and at this point, I just want it all to be ovah since I am dreading the results. I hate watching our democracy erode.

  3. I am SO PROUD of you, Carole! Style School . . . is a big commitment and (like you said) requires A LOT of bandwidth. (Talk about rockin’ it. . . ) And heartfelt congratulations to Hannah. 🙂 (It’s always nice to burst-your-momma-buttons now and then.) And, yes. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.

  4. Congratulations to Hannah and you, too, for taking time to figure some things out. I always think of my clothes as just clothes, but I know they make a big difference in how I feel and approach the day. I’ve already voted, and now I’m just hoping for the best (while expecting the worst).
    P.S. InLinkz has a free version that looks much the same. It’s what I signed up for for A Gathering of Poetry, so you could use that if you want to drop the subscription.

  5. Congrats to Hannah! Knowing her mom, I’m not surprised she’s having so much success. I am encouraged by the reports I’ve been hearing about early voting and really hope that there are big turnouts on Election Day.

  6. Congratulations to both YOU and Hannah!! And yes, VOTE people… just please vote! My goodness, imagine if voter turn out was 100% and no one had any woes about voter fraud… because everyone had voted!

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