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Sometimes Monday

Comes way before you’re ready. To the point where last night I asked Alexa to calculate how many days until my (potential) retirement. 1394 days. And, while that sounds like a lot, when you subtract weekends and holidays and vacations that number drops significantly, although I’ve yet to do the math to figure out exactly how much.

In the meanwhile, I’m still gainfully employed and headed back to the library today. Isn’t it strange how I can both love my job and wish I didn’t have to go simultaneously?

May the Monday reentry odds be ever in our favor!

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  1. May you enjoy your return to the office, Carole! A job that you actually love . . . wll help make those 1,394 days fly. XO

  2. Isn’t that the truth? I have known that feeling so well! Hoping your Monday return to work is an easy and painless one!

  3. Doing what you love is the key to life… and the key to 1,394 days going by like whoosh!

    I am insanely happy that Steve is back at work (shame on me, but gosh, it’s true!) LOL

  4. I am glad that you love your job and hope those days fly! Retirement is nice but the income from being gainfully employed is a pretty big point in its favor, too!

  5. Mondays (especially Mondays after a long holiday weekend) are hard, even when you love your job. I hope reentry is going as smoothly as possible today.

  6. I’ve been retired for nearly 14 years … and some days I still miss my job. I hope your remaining years go as quickly as you’d like them to!

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