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Thursdays Are For Knitting: Arched Gusset Mitts

Hey, hey, hey, it’s the first finished knit of 2023 and I’m coming at you on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday. We’re mixing things up like crazy around here these days and we’re starting with these mitts.

The pattern is Arched Gusset Mittens . . . but I prefer fingerless mitts so I modified them to my liking.

The yarn is Purl Soho Knitting Yarn and it’s wonderful to use. It’s a soft but sturdy 100% merino wool from New Zealand and it comes in a gorgeous array of colors. It’s $15 for a 219 yard ball and it’s a light worsted weight, perfect for all sorts of projects but particularly perfect for these mitts.

The pattern has a clever thumb gusset unlike any I’ve knit before and it makes for a snug and comfortable fit.

These knit up really quickly despite the challenges I face with keeping the knitting away from Fred & George. Or, to be fair, George because, while Fred will often ignore the knitting process, George is simply incorrigible about it.

I may or may not have bought other colors to make more of these.

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  1. I also want to try that pattern. I wear my various mitts constantly, even in the house sometimes.

  2. They look like they fit perfectly! I’ve seen a number of patterns with thumb gussets like that and have been meaning to try one, so I’m glad to hear this pattern is a good one!

  3. These look so elegant. Simple, sleek design in a classic color. I might need to dig out some knitting needles from our moving boxes.

  4. I may be buying multiple colors of that yarn, for this clever pattern and others. Fingerless mitts are perfect for this mild winter we’re having!

  5. These are great! Thanks for the pattern link. Also love the colors of yarn. I’m drawn to the blue (of course), but “Piglet Pink” and “Cat Paw Pink” have also grabbed my attention. Bonus – the price is right! I do use my fingerless mitts a lot, but would like some more:)

  6. Those are GREAT mitts, Carole! I love the simple lines and the fit — and the yarn looks just ideal. And . . . oh, George . . . XO

  7. Beautiful (and your manicure? :-* Chef’s kiss)! I’ve made a few similar pairs, though not from this pattern. Heading over to the Purl Soho site to peruse the colors of the wool! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh nice!! I like fingerless mitts, too. I knit a pair of mitts for Ginny a few years ago with a similar gusset and it was fun to do!

  9. I’m always a fan of cool construction and that gusset looks so good! thanks, too, for the tip about that Purl Soho wool. You also did a fine job pairing your nails with the mitts … I hope you have more fun pairings like that one planned!

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