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Random Wednesdays

How’s the weather where you are? This is mine:

We’re experiencing temps in the 50s with a predicted high in the low 60s tomorrow, which is very unseasonal for February in Massachusetts. I’ve checked the yard for crocus and snowdrops but haven’t found any yet. I bet it won’t be long now, though, if this continues.

Remember when I got progressive lenses last year? I’m happy to say that I have fully adjusted to them for driving and being out in the world. However. They don’t work at all for my computer set up at work. From what I’ve read, I think I need special computer glasses but I’m hesitant to spend a bunch of money on another pair of prescription lenses. I also read that wearing readers that are 1/2 the strength of your regular readers can do the trick. I got some yesterday and will try them at work today and report back. I have an appointment with the eye doctor but it’s not until May and I can’t struggle with this until then so I’m open to suggestions if you’ve experienced this, too.

I’m taking over some of the collection development at my library as a way of reducing the workload on the Assistant Director and I spent a few hours yesterday getting caught up. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy doing this and I love getting the scoop on books coming out later this year.

In knitting news, the Advent striped socks continue slowly. I’m working on the heel of sock #1 now and it’s been so long since I’ve knit socks that I had to . . . gasp . . . check my picot edge sock pattern! I have a question, though. When you knit the heel with a different yarn than the main sock, do you pick up the stitches along the heel flap with the main yarn or the contrasting yarn?

Finally, on the reading front, I started The Shipping News this week and I’m loving it. So far, I don’t remember a thing about reading it before, and I’m completely taken with the language. SO good.

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  1. We are currently experiencing’Whiplash Spring’. It’s in the 50s & low 60s, until we’re getting a quick 8” and a high in the teens. It’s crazy, frustrating and a sign real Spring is coming. When it can be 70 one day and snow 15”-24” the next.

  2. It was a shock to step out with Sherman this morning to a breezy 55… when I look at the forecast for later this week we are slammed back into the 30’s. Yeah, Spring of Deception is so true! LOL

    As for your sock question… if I have done a different color yarn heel flap, I pick up the stitches with the sock yarn.

    I finished The Shipping News last week… and you are right, it was SO GOOD! I am eager to discuss! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Our weather is SO freaky this year. It’s 55 right now (at 8 in the morning), but it’s supposed to snow 6 inches tomorrow. So, yeah.
    I have no help for you on the progressive lens issue. I HAVE progressive lenses, and had no trouble adjusting to them for anything. But. I still prefer my trusted contacts + cheaters because . . . who knows? I just do. Tom wears progressives AND has a special pair for computer work. It seems to work well for him, but it does frustrate him to have to remember to switch them back and forth. So . . . he got a big-ass computer screen, and that seems to have done the trick. (And yes. It’s been a costly experience.) (Way more than you bargained for?) (Bet you’re glad I have nothing to say about the sock thing.)

  4. I don’t even care if we’re in the Spring of Deception, I’m doing sausages on the grill for dinner tonight and making pasta salad! We are right back in Third Winter next week with snow, which will be a shock because we haven’t had to shovel at all this year. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. I have used your sock recipe exclusively for years now. The picot edge stays up nicely on the calf and doesn’t leave dents in the leg like ribbing does. For a man’s sock, I just use a larger needle where the picot would be – that provides a little more stretch at the top. For the heel, I now use the Fish Lips Kiss pattern; it’s the easiest short row ever, and leaves NO HOLES at the corners! I don’t do a gusset anymore – my family has very high arches and likes a snug fit around the instep. But – because my husband has very wide heels, I have to do increases in the # of heel stitches (there are instructions in the FLK pattern for this maneuver) otherwise he can’t get his foot into the sock!

  6. I didn’t realize how much your New England seasons mirrored ours … just a few weeks behind us! It was 32 yesterday morning and 70 in the afternoon. sadly, we woke up to 50 degrees and rain today.

    Dittoing Kat’s advice to cut the heel yarn and start back with the sock yarn when you start to pickup the stitches along the side of the heel – that way your first full round of the gusset will be all sock yarn.

  7. Computer screens are at the mid range of your lenses. I feel that’s the trickiest part of your progressives. Try raising your computer screen so that you’re looking out of the bottom of your progressive lenses instead of the middle.

  8. I could never adjust to progressive lenses so I wear glassses with bifocals for reading and knitting. But I could never find the sweet spot for the computer screen. I did get a special prescription pair that I use only for the computer and it was well worth it. No strain on my neck and I can always see perfectly. I keep them right by my computer and never lose them?. Of course my prescription hasn’t changed for years so I’m getting my money’s worth. Good luck.

  9. We’re in Spring of Deception here, too. I went out for my run with a windbreaker instead of my usual jacket and was too warm half a mile in! We’re supposed to hit a high of 69 today but then may get snow on Friday. Meanwhile I’ve seen snowdrops, some crocus leaves, lots of daffodil leaves, and buds on all the trees. I think real spring is not that far away!

  10. I used to be nearsighted, but I had cataract surgery last year. Now I have 20/20 vision for distance, but I can’t read up close! I’m used to wearing glasses, so I got progressives with no correction on top, reading on the bottom, and whatever progresses in between.

    But! I also got computer glasses, which are great piano glasses, too. They’re progressive so I can read with them, but top out at the midrange. I wear them around the house all the time. They’re set up so they work with my computer setup; my computer is on a riser so that my camera is at eye level (no looking up my nose when Zoom teaching!). If I forget to put on my computer glasses, I find I’m tipping my head back so I can read the screen with my regular glasses, which is not comfortable.

    I spend so much time at the computer, it’s definitely worth it to have the extra glasses. I got them at Costco, so they weren’t terribly expensive. I used my old frames (small fee), and also got progressive sunglasses so I can read on the beach!

  11. My husband got a prescription specifically for desktop computer use last spring. He is extremely happy he did. Well,apart from paying for another pair.

  12. I had the same problem when I got progressive lenses, I had trouble with both the computer screen and reading music at the piano. What worked for me was a wider middle range section.

  13. I teach 6th Middle School. When Covid hit our school taught in dual modality. I had 10-12 students in front of me and 10-12 at home on Google Meets every class. My eyes took a beating. I ended up with Tri-Focals. The middle being for computer work. So my reading precript is on the bottom, computer work in the middle and distance on top. Took me a while to get used to them….Dry Eye and Sjorgens didn’t help either….however, I think I am glad I got the tri focals at that time. Now, I don’t think I need them. So next time I think I will go back to bifocals.

  14. Here’s my experience with progressives and extensive computer use. I have my monitors pushed all the way to the back of my desk and set as low as they can go so there is almost no space between them and the desk top. I have my chair seat up pretty high and I use a footrest for comfort. Then I push my glasses all the way up my nose so I can look through the bottom part of the lenses without stretching my neck too much. Basically, you need to be able to look down towards your monitors so you can look through the bottom of the lenses without straining your neck.

    Also, when you get your next eye exam, if you get new glasses ask the optician about specifying progressive lenses that have a large middle segment. I was kind of surprised when I found out that different lens manufacturers have different specs for the same prescription.

  15. I LOVE my computer glasses, which I purchased (three pair, all told) from Zenni — they were not expensive at all, but even if they were, the relief is worth it! My neck and shoulders would be so sore from tipping my head back so far to see the screen.

    The last time I received an order from Zenni, they sent me a bunch of little ruler things to take the measurements… I’d be happy to send one to you! Just let me know.

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