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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

If you’ve been paying attention, then I suspect the title of this post should give you an inclination of how the knitting-with-Fred-and-George is going.

If not, then I think this photo should tell the rest of the story.

Yes! A finished sock! I knit the first 1/3 of the foot on our trip to Maine and I knit the rest of the foot and the toe . . . at home on my couch! With Fred & George sleeping next to me!

I have had to use the spray bottle a few times on George and I can literally see the debate going on his head . . . he wants the yarn but he hates the spray bottle more. Luckily, his hatred of the spray bottle is stronger than his love of yarn.

I think I’m back in the knitting business, friends.

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  1. Success! I feel a tiny bit sorry for F&G but I am much happier for you. I hope they continue to behave through the knitting of the second sock.

  2. YAY for being back to knitting and I’m glad that George’s dislike of the spray bottle is stronger than his love for yarn! Maybe you could knit him a little catnip toy to occupy him? (better you than me – I don’t like fiddly knitting) Meanwhile, the sock is so happy and cheerful – well done!

  3. Score one for the human indeed! I am imagining the look on dear George’s little face as he weighs the joy of the yarn versus the irritation of the squirt!

    May your knitting with sleeping kitties bring a new plethora of hand knits! XO

  4. I’ll bet that feels great, Carole! F&G will survive . . . and find other ways to distract you and generally make mischief, I’m sure! XO

  5. Yay!!! That’s a great looking sock, Carole!

    When I was in high school, I had a cat that wasn’t interested in yarn as much as the ends of my needles waving around — he’d always try to bat/catch them!

  6. Three cheers for the lesson of the spray bottle! Here’s hoping they continue to hate it more than they love yarn.

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