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Hello, May

I love it when the first day of a new month falls on a Monday, it feels like a fresh start to . . . everything. And May feels like a perfect time for fresh starts.

I’m feeling inspired by the greening of the earth to get outside for all.the.things. Plant shopping and container gardening. Picking bouquets from my yard and buying them from my favorite flower farms. Time on the deck for reading and socializing and knitting. Camping and walking and even weeding.

I’m feeling recharged by more daylight and warmer temperatures. And that means a renewed commitment to my One Little Word, bloom, and an urge to try different things and learn new skills. The season of hibernating is truly over and it’s time to revel in the sunshine!

I hope May brings all of us everything we desire.

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  1. With our grey, soggy weather (all weekend long) I feel as though I am still in hibernation phase…but hopefully that will end shortly. Happy May!

  2. Still hibernating here (it is snowing . . . ), but looking forward to breaking free of this weather pattern (eventually) and enjoying May. Happy blooms to you!

  3. It looks and feels like November here, but I am hopeful for some spring-like weather later this week!

  4. I wish I could say that I felt the same… but I woke up to SNOW this morning (and it’s still snowing). Heavy, wet, sloppy… I am so done! C’mon Summer!!

  5. It seems that Mother Nature didn’t get the message that it’s now May here, because they’re once again using the S-word in the weather forecast. I am looking forward to putting the cold weather behind us once and for all and planting things outside!

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