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One Little Word Update: February & March 2023

I sort of fell behind on documenting my journey with my 2023 One Little Word, Bloom. But I spent some time at the end of April getting caught up.

I shared my monthly selfie and manifesto with you back in March and here’s how the selfie looked once I added it to my album:]

The words I wrote, It’s actually April and I’m just getting February documented. And that is okay. I’m not behind and I haven’t dropped the ball, I’m right where I am supposed to be, are words I tell myself on a regular basis. Maybe some day I’ll even believe them!

The prompt for March was to write a poem and I really enjoyed the process of doing that. Here’s my selfie page:

And here’s a photo of my poem as it appears in my album:

Have I documented April yet? No, I have not. But I’ve considered it and thought about the ways that bloom shows up for me on a daily basis and I’ll get those thoughts added to my album very soon.

I’m blooming on my own schedule and that feels pretty perfect.

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  1. “Blooming on your own schedule” is maybe the biggest lesson of the year!!! (Can you really call it “blooming” if you’re doing it for someone else?) Good for you, Carole! XO

  2. I am nodding along with Kym’s thoughts! (and I LOVE your glasses!! They look so awesome on you!)

  3. There isn’t a single thing wrong with doing things on a timeline that works for you! Flowers don’t bloom on a schedule and you don’t have to either!

  4. first, yikes! I just realized I’m not longer getting your blog posts emailed to me … so sorry to have missed you all week! I’d say you are in exactly the right place and time to BLOOM! Thank you for sharing your updates – I love seeing your face (those glasses are great!) and reading the words you’ve written. April’s poem is beautiful … abide, endure, and bloom!

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