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Librarians Make Room for All

I’m back from the Massachusetts Library Association Conference and I’m here to tell you that librarians are energized and ready to protect your right to read and your right to information!

I’ve been going to conferences like this for many, many years and the topics are always varied, with some that are interesting and engaging to me and some that are . . . not. This year there were so many discussions about censorship, the lack of trust in government, the erosion of human rights, and the attacks library boards and school committees are facing and, while I felt an undercurrent of fear and dismay, what I mostly felt was empowerment and determination. Librarians are uniquely prepared to defend democracy and I have every confidence in my colleagues to do just that.

There was also great food and drinks, fierce trivia competitions, a silent disco, plenty of swag, laughs and hugs, and great conversation with colleagues from near and far. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have meaningful (and silly) moments with so many great people. And to know that I’ve got an army of librarians ready to help me if I need them.

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  1. This is good news! People used to think of librarians as just shushing patrons in the library but it’s a much more important job than that.

  2. I think the reason librarians are both concerned and resolved is that they read. They know history, they are generally well versed in our constitution because it directly relates to their job and they want to spread knowledge. A fairly formidable combination. Sounds like they like to have fun as long as you aren’t too noisy about it, too.

  3. I have always been grateful for librarians… and even more so in today’s world. I am so glad you have shared a glimpse into your library convention. XO

  4. I am thankful for my library. I no longer get your blog delivered to my email. I’m missing reading you each morning so I googled you this morning.

  5. This is do good to read. Love that poster too! Glad you had a good conference and it is so wonderful (not surprising, but wonderful) to hear that librarians are energized!!

  6. I am so glad to hear this! Libraries have always been special places to me, and it’s hurt me so much that they’ve been under attack. But I should have trusted that librarians would be ready to fight for our right to read anything and everything!

  7. I’ve always been grateful for libraries and librarians and even more grateful now that the freedom of information is under attack.

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