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Currently: May 2023

Time for a mid month check in on what’s going on around here.

Knitting: a hat. More details tomorrow!

Reading with my eyesThe Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Reading with my ears: Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland by Patrick Radden Keefe

Watching: The final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I’m going to be really sad to see this end.

Eating: Pizza from the Ooni. It’s great to be out on the deck and firing up the pizza oven again!

Recommending: These ProKeeper Fresh Produce containers. I got the set of 4 from Costco and just ordered 4 more of the berry containers from Walmart. These are fab! I had blueberries last for over 3 weeks and the bigger containers are great for baby spinach and lettuce. It makes assembling a salad a breeze!

Planting: Window boxes and herbs and dahlia tubers and zinnia seeds!

Remembering: My mother and nana on Mother’s Day. My father-in-law Jack was over and we were enjoying some music on the deck. He asked me to play Side by Side and it brought back this flood of memories of my mother and nana singing and dancing to it. I am so grateful for that memory.

Loving: The new navy blue cushions for our deck furniture. They are fresh and give a nautical vibe to the whole area. All that’s missing is a boat. And a water view.

Celebrating: At Town Meeting last week we voted to change from being the Board of Selectmen to the Select Board. No more gender in our title! Hooray!

Anticipating: Plant shopping this weekend with Doreen! I love our annual tradition!

What’s going on with you right now?

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  1. Oh you’ve got good stuff going on Carole! Looking forward to reading about/seeing what you get on your plant spree with Doreen! Those Prokeepers sound very good…it is so hard to keep berries for longer than a few days. I will have to look into them – thanks for the recommendation. Yay for “Select Board” but now I’m wondering what you will be called: Select Person? Or Select Woman? Doesn’t really matter, and Select Board definitely sounds more in tune with the times.

  2. I enjoyed TheBookish Life of Nina Hill. So much I checked out other books by the author and was surprised there was a tangentially related book that was just as good, maybe better.

    Happy plant hunting! Just remember, it all has to fit in the car. Ha,ha.

  3. I have been contemplating those Prokeepers so thanks for your review! I will pick up a set… Vera is so right, it is so hard to keep berries! I laughed at your boat and water comment… sigh. Yeah, would that we all had at least the water view from our decks!

    My world is all about closet reorganization this week… The winter things need to go away… finally! Whew!

  4. This looks like a lovely current list of gradually moving to life outside! I’m going to take a look at those produce keepers, too, as berries seem to begin getting moldy and rotten before I’ve even gotten them home. Happy plant shopping!

  5. Lots of good stuff, Carole! I have a different brand of produce keepers (have had them for a few years), and they’ve been gamechangers for me! Glad you found some good ones, too!

  6. Those produce keepers look great — although usually berries don’t last long enough in our house to need them! I hope you’re enjoying Say Nothing. It’s a good pairing with Trespasses.

  7. Note to self: Plan a trip to Costco! Those produce keepers sound like just the thing. I can’t wait to pick up all my herb & flower plants on Saturday — especially since my personal gardener is here for a while, too! (And she’s so excited to dig into the dirt!)

  8. loving this last season of Mrs. Maisel, too! I think it’s the best yet (the episode where they roasted Susie!) and so grateful they’re ending on a high note!

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