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Memorial Day Weekend Camping

We had a really fun weekend of camping and today I’ve got pictures to share to prove it.

We set up Friday afternoon and, while backing the camper in is not something I’d call fun, it is getting easier. And the things like leveling the camper, connecting water and electricity and cable (!!) are starting to feel more routine. There’s still a lot to remember and it’s sort of . . . different . . . each time, but we don’t feel quite as new at this as we used to.

We had Friday Night Snacks in a Snacklebox! I saw this at some point on Pinterest or somewhere and I had to do it. I made the label on my Cricut and it was fun to sit outside and enjoy our snacks/dinner. We went to a campfire over at our friends site and had a fun night, telling stories and jokes and laughing. So much laughing.

Saturday was the stuff of a camper’s dream. Great weather (although lots of and lots of pine pollen), Bloody Marys with friends, plenty of reading and relaxing, touring around the campground in our (rented) golf cart, playing dominoes, eating a terrific steak dinner, and hanging around the campfire with friends again. Cue the laughing.

On Sunday the kids came to visit: Hannah, Luke, Jessica and Jackie. It was really fun to show them the campground and the pond.

There was fishing.

And jumping.

We had loads of fun in the golf cart, a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, ranch potatoes and salad, and we had toasted marshmallows while hanging around our own campfire.

It was Monday before we knew it, it seemed, and we packed up and headed for home. Just like the set up, closing up camp is starting to feel more routine . . . the shutting off of water, the draining of systems, packing away chairs, parking the camper in our driveway, and more. I think by next trip (which is not until July) we will feel even more confident in our ability to do all of this.

And that’s Memorial Day weekend in a nutshell. Or a camper. Take your pick.

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  1. Looks like a fine time was had. And it feels really good to gain confidence in new skills. Something that we tend to not do as much as adults sometimes. Welcome back.

  2. My dh got a boat last summer and it’s the same with that–each time the set up and close down are becoming a little more automatic!

  3. It’s good to hear that you camp with many of the comforts of home! (I think I might have liked camping better if steak and bloody marys were served!)

  4. That looks and sounds like such a lovely weekend Carole. It’s nice that the kids can come out too. I remember so many excellent steak dinners with grilled veggies and a good bottle of red while we were camping – fond memories. I always hated the backing in – we would get pull thru sites whenever we could!

  5. What fun (well… all but that pine pollen… oy!) And the snacklebox! I love it! You get bonus points for that creativity!

  6. What a wonderful time! Every outing/set-up gets a little easier and helps to build confidence! Kate’s heading out with Ducky later this week for a first-run — two more outings scheduled before the end of the month. I won’t be joining her except for perhaps driving out for an evening & a campfire supper (with s’mores, of course).

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