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Sometimes Monday

Sometimes Monday arrives and you’re wondering where the weekend went . . .

So you ponder and recall that the weekend went by in a blur of reading, crafting, planning (for camping), watching (Ted Lasso), gardening, talking and dreaming.

And you get up and go to work feeling satisfied.

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  1. It sounds like you had the perfect weekend! May your feelings of satisfactions go with you throughout the week! XO

  2. Just look at those blooms! Gorgeous colors. Looks to me like your weekend was filled with a lot of wonderful things. But boy the weekends do fly by. Hope your week is equally as good.

  3. I guess that old saying about how time flies when you’re having fun is true. And what you failed to mention is that sometimes you (and I mean you, specifically) get to wake up on a Monday morning and have a gorgeous bouquet to start your day with a smile!

  4. I do love the weekends where I remember to take a few photos – they do spark my memory! and your dahlias are SO GORGEOUS right now! curious – how long do those bouquets last? I hope days!

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