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Summer of Connection: Pergola Thursdays

One of the most consistent thing I’ve done this summer to connect with other people is to host Pergola Thursday in our yard each week. It’s my own way of building community, inviting friends from our town and introducing them to each other. I love the easy approach to this (everyone brings their own drink and a snack to share) and I’m always amazed at how it just . . . works out . . . each week. I’m terrible at documenting this, but luckily Dale is really good at remembering to take photos and I’ve got some that he took to share with you.

This is our set up. There’s room for about 8-10 around the table but when the crowd swells to more than that, as it generally does, we just make do.

One week we had just gotten things underway when thunderstorms rolled in. I expected people to dash for their cars and head home but they wanted to stay so we opened the awning on the camper and everyone gathered in the driveway instead. It was less picturesque but the spirit was stronger than ever.

This is about the average size of our weekly gatherings. We’ve had all kinds of yummy things to eat from deviled eggs to bruschetta to homemade (and take out) pizza. There have been cookies and cakes and other sweet treats, too.

One week our friends Steve and Melanie, fresh from a trip to Italy, brought an Italian antipasto spread and Steve made Aperol Spritzes for everyone.

I really look forward to doing this every week and wish you all could join us, too.

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  1. That looks like fun! The generosity and friendship that you’re all sharing definitely make this a summer of connection.

  2. Well, that’s just the best idea ever! It looks like everyone has a lot of fun. I love that it’s BYO, too, which takes so much pressure off of your shoulders — so you can have fun, too!

  3. Wouldn’t it be grand if our book discussion group could meet at your place rather than on Zoom? Your Thursdays (tonight!!) look and sound wonderful.

  4. This looks like such a wonderful place to gather! I’m sure there have been some amazing conversations around that table (in addition to some very yummy things to eat and drink). We should have our next RWU meeting there!

  5. This post really makes me wish I was closer… this looks like just such a delight way to spend a Thursday night! And thanks Dale for being such a great documenter of these events! XO

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