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Currently: September 2023

It’s the mid point of September, let’s talk about what’s going on around here currently . . .

Knitting: The Same As It Ever War Hat. I’m very close to finally finishing this one.

Reading with my eyesMad Honey by Jodi Picoult

Reading with my earsIn Other Words, Leadership: How a Young Mother’s Weekly Letters to Her Governor Helped Both Women Brave the First Pandemic Year by Shannon A. Mullen

Watching: Season 2 of The Bear

Eating: Enough to keep me going but not feeling particularly satisfied since Covid took away my taste and it’s not fully back yet.

Recommending: Estate and funeral planning. I know everyone understands the importance of a clear, current, and legal will but I’m also recommending that you put down in writing what you want to happen for your services after you die. Dale and I have promised each other that we will do this soon because we don’t want to see our children struggle with trying to figure out what we might want . . . or argue with each other about who is right about what we want.

Missing: My father-in-law. It’s so strange to look over at his house and yard and have him not be there.

Loving: Dahlias. They are exploding right now and I have them at home and at work and they bring me a lot of joy.

Reporting: That Jackie is loving kindergarten. He’s got friends and a great teacher and all reports are that he is a sweet and kind little boy.

Writing: Thank you notes. People were so generous and kind and sent us gift baskets and food baskets and flowers. They dropped off food and sweets and more.

Anticipating: Our final camping trip of the season which is taking place at the end of next week and coincides with my birthday. I’m hoping for perfect fall weather!

Reminding You: The Read With Us discussion for The Seven Moons of Maali Almedia is next Tuesday, September 19th.

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  1. The kicker about that estate and funeral planning is that not only is it a burden on your loved ones, but they’re usually not at their best when forced to figure it out due to grief.

    Glad you currently have a profusion of dahlias to enjoy and camping to look forward to. Hope your sense of taste revives enough to enjoy a favorite birthday treat.

  2. First… I have just loved your dahlia photo’s you have been sharing on IG. They are stunning and some of the best eye candy on social media!

    The book in your ears sounds fascinating! I am nodding to your wise words about funeral planning. And I hope your weather is perfect for your birthday camping excursion! XO

  3. I think estate/funeral planning is something people don’t like to think about and thus put off, but it is really important to do and something that your family will really appreciate.

    I’ve been loving all your dahlia photos — they must be even better in person!

  4. I hope your sense of taste returns, and thanks for the funeral planning reminder. John never wants to discuss it and the kids almost cry if I bring it up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write something down, including what to do with my stash!

  5. It only takes the death of someone close to you . . . to fully understand the importance of funeral planning, estate planning, and CLEARLY stating your desires for after you die. It sounds scary and like something we’d all prefer to avoid (because . . . we would . . . ), but it’s so important — and so thoughtful to the family left to pull it all together. After my mom died, I suddenly understood what I needed to do to make sure my own kids (or Tom) don’t get stuck with all the . . . muck. (Well. That turned into rather a soap box moment, didn’t it.) Anyway. Good for you and Dale!!! XO

  6. What a real (and honest!) mix of hard, beautiful, and joyful! Sure hope you get your taste back to enjoy your birthday dinner and good weather for that final camping trip!

  7. We are about to start the process of updating our wills. I hadn’t thought of leaving instructions for funeral planning; thanks for the thought. A few weeks ago I drafted my obituary. It was kind of fun and also a struggle to decide what to leave in and what to leave out. Back in 2019 I found a spreadsheet online that laid out all the information one should leave recorded for his/her executor — bank account #s, insurance policies, any number of other things. I completed it, put it on two flash drives, and gave one to each son. But that was 4 years ago and lots of things have changed. I need to update that s/s.

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