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Late September

It’s cranberry harvest time in Southeastern Massachusetts and that means I’m seeing this as I drive to and from work:

And also this:

And this, too:

It’s a beautiful site to see . . . flooded bogs with ruby red berries floating on the surface. It makes me really glad to live where I do.

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  1. Those cranberries are almost prettier than changing leaves (and you’ve got some of those starting, too)! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So pretty. I can’t wait for the bags of cranberries to start showing up in the grocery stores!! I always freeze some and I’m just about to run out…

  3. It is a beautiful site! And so perfectly . . . FALL. (And I’m always reminded of the time I visited you . . . and we came across a cranberry bog on a drive – maybe even that very one??? Such a fun remembrance of my Massachusettes adventure!) XO

  4. What a great sight! I used to watch the various harvests when I was commuting. It always interesting to see how the view change. Thanks for sharing those photos with us.

  5. Some of my greatest memories growing up involved cranberry bogs in one way or another. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. I love seeing those cranberries in the wild! and anticipating them showing up in my grocery store soon … a true Seasonal Sign!

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