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Hello, February!

Like so many friends, I am extremely glad to see January behind us. I can’t ever recall a January feeling so dang long but this one was a doozy and I am relieved and excited to be turning the page on the calendar. And sure, February is still dreary and it’s still cold, but where I live it includes a week of school vacation (which means a week off for Dale and by extension also me) and a holiday that’s about chocolate. The days are longer (sunrise is now before 7am) and, if we’re lucky, we might even get a wee glimpse of spring weather by month’s end.

I’ll take what I can get at this point!

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  1. I was so excited to write February in my calendar! And I know that February can be cold and dreary, but I will take those extra minutes of daylight!

  2. I was just thinking earlier this week how light it would be in the morning in a month! And then I remembered how they screwed up daylight savings time by moving it so early which messes up the mornings again in March. I did hear late last week we’re now over ten hours of daylight. That’s good news.

  3. Sometimes February seems longer to me because it can be SO much like January which is usually long enough. This year is different for me because of retiring. I’m freakin’ busy and the days are flying by. Good thing because I cannot wait to be done with work! LOL here is definitely more daylight these days (or would be if we could get out of the overcast/cloudy rut) and today is supposed to warm up to almost 50 and Fletch has decided to grill tonight. Woo-Hoo!!!

  4. February is often the longest month for me, but we’re supposed to see some sun today so that’s something positive!

  5. We’ve had crazy weather here in January, much of it warmer and rainier than normal. It’s been so warm that some of the spring flowers have already started growing. That’s a bit scary because it could certainly freeze. We also had a bit of snow earlier in the month! And you are right it is getting lighter in the mornings and staying that way longer which is nice. Here in the PNW the days can be really dark really early during the winter. No one mentioned that this February has 29 days this year!

  6. Happy February! I’m loving the longer days – your sunrise is way before ours, but our sunset is now after 6pm!! I’ll take the extra light however it comes.

  7. February has no break for me, but my kiddo has a long weekend coming up and of course the highlight is all the chocolate!

  8. We have had a couple days with a high of 50?, unheard of in January. The ice is largely gone from some of the lakes, and some trees are budding out. A friend said she was afraid her lilacs were going to bloom. I checked my dooryard garden yesterday and didn’t see any daffodil leaves poking up, but if this continues they will.

  9. We’re almost at the half-way mark of February already!! The daylight is noticeably longer every day — and continuing to lengthen. Ya.HOO!!

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