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Citizen of the Year, 2024

Earlier this month, Dale was honored to be named Citizen of the Year by our local Rotary Club! He’s done so much for our community, providing entertainment with the band for over 50 years, volunteering as a Scout leader and with Kiwanis, Chairing our Historical Commission, and Co-Chairing our Bicentennial Committee and celebration last year. It was wonderful to see him get recognition!

I thought you might like to read his bio from the Rotary PR:

Dale Julius is an outstanding citizen with enormous local pride and has made many contributions through his volunteer work. He is Chair of the Historical Commission, President of the Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater, leads the EB Civil War Round Table, and is a long time Boy Scout leader. He has also been the lead singer of the local band Dale and the Duds for over 50 years. Dale’s knowledge of town history was instrumental in his role as Co-Chair of the highly successful East Bridgewater Bicentennial Celebration and he personally served as Master of Ceremonies at several events. Dale along with Co-Chair and former Citizen of the Year recipient Dave Sheedy and other town residents who will also be recognized this evening, worked tirelessly to create a yearlong celebration. Partnering with many businesses, organizations and fellow citizens, Dale was instrumental in developing a memorable town anniversary. Highlights included historic Trolley Tours, a concert with the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, numerous programs on town history, a town-wide celebration at the Commercial Club, and a Concert on the Common and spectacular fireworks on the founding date of June 14, 1823. These events and others were attended by hundreds of townspeople and deepened a sense of community spirit. Dale is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend. His family is well known in East Bridgewater and his father, Jack Julius, was Citizen of the Year in 2012. Giving back so much to the town that he grew up in is why Dale Julius is the 2024 Citizen of the Year from East Bridgewater.

I was privileged to be the one to introduce him at the ceremony where he received his award. Here’s what I had to say:

Twelve years ago, I stood before a group much like this one and I gave a testimonial for my father-in-law, Jack Julius, when he was chosen to be Citizen of the Year. It was a very proud moment for me and, while it wasn’t the first time I was proud to be a Julius, it was definitely a memorable one. One for the . . . highlight reel . . . shall we say.

That highlight reel, though? The one that includes all the best moments of being a Julius? Everything on it is now overshadowed by this night.

It’s my distinct privilege to be able to once again introduce East Bridgewater’s Citizen of the Year and this time it’s my husband, Dale. This is an honor that I know he feels deeply, as he profoundly values community service and his actions as Co-Chair of the Bicentennial Committee truly exemplify how seriously he takes his commitments. And when I say he takes them seriously . . . what I really mean is that I didn’t see a whole lot of my husband last year because of meetings and programs and All Things Bicentennial.

It was all worth it, though. Not just because it was an incredibly fun year for our town, but for this moment right now. A moment of recognition and respect. A moment of honor and celebration. A moment to say, thank you. A moment to say congratulations.

And with that, I give you East Bridgewater’s Citizen of the Year . . . Dale Julius.

It was a really wonderful night!

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  1. Congratulations, Dale!!! What a well-deserved honor, and your town is so very lucky to have you.

  2. Congratulations, Dale! Meaningful work doesn’t go unnoticed, if not always acknowledged. I would submit that driving a school bus day after day, year after year has probably also offered time you’ve helped form future good citizens.

    Carole, I’m so glad you got to introduce Dale. I’m sure you helped Dale achieve this, supporting, encouraging, keeping things ticking at home when he was busy, and I’d guess, quietly doing some less exciting tasks at some event. You two are such a terrific team. East Bridgewater is lucky to have you both.

  3. What a fantastic night indeed, Carole! Congratulations to Dale and to the East Bridgewater community to have public servants that care!

    Thank you so much for sharing this magnificent event!

  4. Big congratulations to Dale! He sounds like he certainly deserves Citizen of the Year and even though I have never met him in person, he also sounds like a darn nice guy!

  5. I feel privileged to have been there when Dale received this award, and am proud to call him my friend. This award was definitely deserved and I’m so glad that the Rotary Club recognized all his hard work and dedication to the community throughout his life. Congratulations again, Dale.

  6. Congratulations to Dale on an incredibly well-deserved honor! I’m sure it was even more special for him because you were there to introduce him.

  7. Congratulations to Dale! Well deserved and so great that you could introduce him.

  8. I’ve been such a bad blog reader this past week (I blame all the prep work I was doing for Erin’s arrival, and then – of course – her actual arrival). Anyway. I am so sorry to have missed this Big Event closer to its actual happening. So – better late than never – HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Dale, Citizen of the Year! What a wonderful recognition for someone who does SO MUCH for his community. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! XO

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