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Three On Thursday

I am resurrecting the überpopular Three On Thursday for the summer. And beyond? Who knows but for now it’s here and this week we’re starting things off with some random stuff.

I think I’m declaring it the Summer of Socks as far as knitting goes. I’m pretty excited about the Modern Daily Knitting new field guide, Sock Odyssey which is (as you might expect) all socks and all knit in DK weight yarn. In other words: faster! There’s also a gorgeous pair of knee socks and Hannah has been asking me to knit her knee socks since she was in college. I’ve ordered yarn and I’ve signed up for the virtual class with Fatimah Hinds. In other words: I’ve spent money as a way to insure my success.

It’s supposed to rain today and I couldn’t be happier about that. You know I love a sunny day and clear night but right now everything here is covered in a layer of yellow pollen and the rain will certainly help to wash it away. And when I say everything I mean it . . . my car and the deck and the furniture but also inside because we’ve had our windows open. Dale put our bedroom AC unit in yesterday so I have shut those windows, at least. This is my least favorite thing about late spring and I’m ready to be done with the yellow ick.

Finally, I want to remind you that next Tuesday is the Read With Us zoom and discussion of How to Say Babylon. Kym and Bonny and I would love to have you join us, whether you’re a regular or whether this is your first time. We’re a lively group and we listen attentively, laugh a lot, and try very hard to not be intimidating at all. You can find excellent resources on the blog on Kym’s blog and you can leave a comment to let me know if you’d like an invite.

And that’s all I’ve got for this Thursday. Have a great day!

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  1. That MDK Field Guide sounds interesting but I’m not a big fan of dk weight socks. You know what else goes fast? Shortie socks! Our yellow ick was about a week ago, so we’re reaching the end of it. I’ve washed my car twice and the window sills every day!

  2. Yellow ick with an added sprinkle of cottonwood fuzz here… yeah, I was happy for the overnight rain. I mean why can’t all rain be overnight… just sayin’!

  3. We’ve had so many rainy days that the yellow ick never really was a thing here this spring. The cottonwood, though! I haven’t seen any “drifts” yet, but I did see some fluff floating in the grocery store the other day!! Sheesh.

  4. Not a lot of pollen here at the moment, but we have more cottonwood stuff than I ever remember, and it’s been coming down for days!

  5. It’s cottonwood fuzz here . . . sometimes it looks likes it’s snowing outside. But I think it’s nearly done now, so yay. I’m glad you’re inspired by the new MDK socks (which are quite lovely). But for me? Ugh. I’m not a fan of socks in the first place . . . but thicker socks are the worst! 😉

  6. I hope you get the rain you’re wanting! In addition to getting rid of the pollen, I always appreciate it at this time of year because it’s free watering for the garden. It’s especially great when the rain comes through overnight so it doesn’t disrupt my plans to get outside to exercise, but that doesn’t always happen. Besides, isn’t it also great to sometimes get to watch (from indoors) a good summer thunderstorm?

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